Thursday’s Thoughts; Happy Birthday To My 1st Baby

IMG_1405aToday is my 1st baby’s 20th Birthday.

Yes, you read that right.  My “baby” was born twenty years ago today.

I have never been the Momma who waited until the minute of birth on my child’s birthday to declare it his birthday however today I am considering denial until… oh… say… 7:37p.m.

Every year of my teen’s life I would consistently say that it was the “best year yet”.  In each moment, I would say with conviction, that “this is my favorite age”.  Until today.

I am quite sure I’m done feeling that way and I want to go back now.

I would do any age over!!  In fact, I would absolutely love to do every age over.

Even in my state of denial I look forward to what is coming for my baby. He is one of the greatest people I will ever know.  His heart is as big as the skies.  He is kind beyond measure.  He finds strength in the most adverse times.  He is loyal and he is just when any other person would doubt humanity.  His faith is as strong as his will and his love for his family does not waiver.  There are BIG things ahead for him and he deserves every bit of good that lies in his path.

My teen’s humor is a lot like his Granddad’s; whose middle name is the same as his Granddad’s, as well. My favorite of his original one liners is… “it makes sense if you don’t think about it.” And it does. Think about it.  “It makes sense if you don’t think about it.”  He gets away with using that line on me because quite frankly, what can I say to that?  It does make sense if you don’t think about it.

So… here’s to October 30th.  Here’s to 20.  Here’s to my first baby.  Here’s to the world’s best big brother and one of my favorite sons.  And here’s to “my teen”… who I now need a new blog nick name for…

Happy 20th Birthday to my Mister Miguel Michael Man.  I love you.


(and yeah… 7:37pm… wayyyyy to close to Halloween for a superstitious pregnant young woman about to have her first baby!)

Have a Happy October 30th!
– T

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