Pine Cone Easter Bunny

Pine Cone Easter Bunny by trishsutton.comA fun craft for toddlers, preschoolers and even elementary age kids…

Pine Cone Easter Bunnies

Painting a Pine Cone can be a bit of a challenge but the Brown Bunnies sure are cute with a little color added.  My teen didn’t have class this morning and so he joined in on the craft action.  He and I painted ours with more of a splotching technique and dabbed the paint on.

While my little guy painted more of his construction paper that his pine cone was sitting on than the actual pine cone but was very proud of his bunny brush strokes.  And he was having fun, which is all that matters.

To create your own you will need…
Pine Cone(s)
Mini Pom Pom (or cotton ball)
Pipe Cleaner for Ears
Ribbon (or Pipe Cleaner) for Bow Tie
Googly Eyes
Paint Brush

Begin by painting your Pine Cone.  Once it is dry attach the cotton tail and googly eyes with glue.  While the glue is setting cut a couple inches off the end of your pipe cleaner and use the larger piece to manipulate into two bunny ears.  The pipe cleaner will attach to the top of the pine cone with ease. 

My oldest decided he’d use a pipe cleaner to create his bow tie.  He was able to cut the pipe cleaner to the size he needed, shaped it into a bow and then left a “tail” on the end of the bow to push through the pine cone.  I chose to wrap ribbons around Momma & Daddy Bunny and then tied bows.  Either way – they are adorable.

Happy Creating & Happy Easter!
– T

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