Seven On Sunday; A Week Of Favorites

Seven On Sunday; A Week Of Favorites from Minions to Cookie Bars. My most saved, shared & viewed posts 'As Seen On Pinterest' this week.

Seven on Sunday.  I have a week of favorites to share with you!  However, they are not exactly my favorites.  They are your favorites; that is if you have been saving, sharing and viewing my posts on Pinterest.

If, by chance, you have not pinned any posts from, take a look to see what other pinners are in favor of!  You might just find a new favorite.

Seven On Sunday; A Week Of Favorites
My most saved, shared & viewed posts ‘As Seen On Pinterest’ this week.

Minions are EVERYWHERE. People seem to be crazy about the little creatures. Follow along to create your own DIY ‘Googly Eye’ Minion T-shirt.

DIY Googly Eye Minion T-Shirt
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Can you believe the size of that Googly Eye?  This Minion T-Shirt is an everyday favorite at our house.  It would make a fun Halloween Costume for the trick-or-treaters who prefer not to have masks touching their faces.  Just add a blue pair of pants!

DIY Baseball Curtain Rod Ends are the perfect touch for sports theme bedrooms, playrooms, game rooms and sports rooms! A simple project by

 DIY Baseball Curtain Rod Ends
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My hubs is often asked to ‘drill here’, ‘cut there’ or ‘hold this’ when I am in a creative state of mind.  The Baseball Curtain Rod Ends hanging in our youngest’s bedroom was likely the strangest thing I have asked him to drill.  

Bugs & Kisses Halloween Treat Free Printable by

Bugs & Kisses Free Printable
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Trick-or-Treat. It’s October! And it is time for all things Halloween… like ghosts, goblins, bugs and kissesPrint the card above then share this silly & sweet treat at Halloween parties and with trick-or-treaters.

Wine Cork Pumpkin Décor; Save your old wine corks for a Wine Cork Pumpkin. Upcycled wine corks make for fun fall décor by

Wine Cork Pumpkin
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Confession time!  I do not drink Wine.  It’s just not my cup of tea.  Fortunately, I know people who enjoy that aged to perfection drink and they are kind enough to save their Wine Corks for me.  I’m glad they do because I get to upcycle corks into creations like this Wine Cork Pumpkin.  

When a big ‘ol batch of Monster Cookies is just too much work. Monster Cookie Bars. Just one bowl & one deep cookie sheet required.

Monster Cookie Bars
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I admit it, this is one of my very favorites too!  Monster Cookie Bars are made with less mess and come together in less time than Monster Cookies yet they taste just as good as the age old favorite.  This is, indeed, a ‘must try’ recipe.  

Minion Googly Eye Bookmark; trishsutton

Minion Bookmarks
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Though I have yet to see any Minion movie; I love them!  And so, MINION BOOKMARKS.  This is an easy activity for kids of all ages.  And who wouldn’t want to open their book to find a googly eye yellow character looking back at them?

Baked Mozzarella Penne; A simple family recipe for fall and football season! Mezzetta is giving away a Perfect Pasta Night Kit & a $500 grocery gift card. #fallforflavor

Baked Mozzarella Penne Recipe
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Mozzarella.  Penne.  Pasta Sauce.  Need I say more?  Made with or without meat this recipe is perfect for fall, perfect for gatherings and perfect as leftovers.  It is simply delicious.

If you are one of the pinners in this week’s count of views, shares and saves… Thank You.  It means so much that you take the time to see what I am doing over here in my corner of the www.

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