Thanksgiving Cash Giveaway, $1,200

Thanksgiving Cash Giveaway, $1200 {Ends 11.25.2016}

 $1,200 Thanksgiving Cash Giveaway

Three lucky winners will each receive $400 just in time for the holidays!
Enter to win below. And stop back by on November 11th for another cash giveaway.

Good luck!

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Giveaway organized by Megan, Full Lives Reviews. Ends 11.25.2016 at 11:59p EST.
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About Trish

When this sleep deprived self proclaimed tea addict is not creating messes with her six year old, Trish can often be found watching ESPN whilst debating penalties and plays with her college aged son. Along with tea, Trish could live off of licorice and popcorn. Her favorite place in the world is by her husband's side - preferably in a football stadium, at Disneyland or in San Diego.

16 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Cash Giveaway, $1,200

  1. I am grateful for: 1) my family; 2) a roof over my head; 3) a job; 4) food on the table; 5) my husband finally has a job (after 10 years without one); 6) I’m in relatively good health; 7) friends; 8) technology; 9) my dog Chessie; and 10) classical music

  2. I’m grateful for my husband, my youngest son, my oldest son, my daughter, a roof over my head, food in my frig, a car that runs, Autumn, pumpkin coffee, & pumpkin bread! Thanks for the chance! The holidays are going to be extra tough this year with me not working right now.

  3. What a great way to get us actively thinking about the things we’re grateful for :): My pets and their unconditional love, My brother, The fact that my relationship with my dad is improving, That I’m able to pursue my educational dreams, that I have a roof over my head and food in the cupboards, My grandparents, My car so I can get to school and work, My aunties and uncles and cousins who offer so much support, and my community as a whole.

  4. I’m thankful for my husband, my children, a world with beautiful seasons, a nice home, loving parents, music, art, my new car, great neighbors, and my relationship with God.
    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

  5. Today I’m grateful for:
    1.) My improving health
    2.) My loving husband <3
    3.) My little black cat
    4.) The beautiful autumn weather
    5.) Meditation
    6.) My helpful college adviser
    7.) My amazing therapist
    8.) The roof over my head
    9.) My friends
    10.) My family

  6. 1) My cat
    2) My wife
    3) My recently cleaned teeth
    4) the Valium that got me through the dentist trip
    5) The last lingering threads of my sanity
    6) Pumpkins… Everything about them really
    7) The fact that all work and no play does not make me a dull boy…
    8) My back hasn’t hurt terribly this week
    9) That we have an apartment with washer/dryer connections
    10) that I can actually come up with a ten point list for anything remotely positive.

  7. 1) that God allows me to wake every day
    2) my children
    3) my husband
    4) my aunt for the help she gives me while I deal with health issues
    5) that my brother and I reconciled
    6) my family
    7) baby giggles
    8) out of the blue “I love you’s” from my five year old
    9) my friends
    10) coffee

  8. My ten things are:
    1.My children 2.My granddaughter 3.My Mom/family 4.My faith in God! 5.My sense of humor 6.The amazing blessings in my life! 7.People that have came into my life and made a difference! 8.Having food every day 9.My health 10.Feeling the love from God
    God bless and Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!

  9. I am grateful for:

    1. My husband
    2. My parents
    3. My sisters
    4. Our two kitties
    5. That we found a good church
    6. The ability to travel on occasion
    7. Having a job with benefits
    8. Delicious food
    9. Generally good health
    10. That I get long breaks as a teacher

  10. I am grateful for….
    1. My growing relationship with God and my church
    2. My dad
    3. My mom
    4. my stepmom
    5. My sisters
    6. My brothers
    7. My future boyfriend/ husband lol
    8. Having a fantastic fun day everyday.
    9. Friends
    10. My dog

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