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Date Night Paint Night by trishsutton.comFor my birthday one of my mother-in-laws gifted me with a Paint Night Gift Certificate for my husband and myself.

Neither.  Of.  Us.  Are.  Artists.  Not even close.  We can not even stay in the lines when we color with our three year old.  We quickly found out that we did not need to be artists to create something we actually liked; all the while laughing our way through a fun date.

The artist leading the class suggested that we be creative and let our inner artist come out.  That we did.  Who knew we even had inner personalities as such?

While the entire class copied the original canvas by Date Night Paint Night by trishsutton.compainting their backgrounds green both my husband and I created what we call a “sunset” background.

(If you don’t “see” what we think is a sunset, just imagine the sun setting behind our berry trees.)

By no stretch of the imagination do we believe we are artists now.  Nor do we plan on quitting our day jobs.  And we aren’t even sure we’ll be hanging the memory from our fun night out.  What we have decided is that there is another Date Night Paint Night in our future.

Our Date Night Paint Night was a good one.

It was good because it was time spent together doing something new with a table full of just as vulnerable and just as even matched not-so-artistic strangers who enjoy laughter & new friends as much as we do.

Date Night Paint Night by
I recommend you try a Paint Night with your partner, family or friends; even if you don’t think you can paint.  You might surprise yourself.  You might even end up with some new art for your wall.  If nothing else you might just have a great time doing something new with someone you enjoy being with.

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I did not receive goods/funds/sponsorship to write this review and personally do not recommend the particular paint night by this local San Diego company however I do recommend the experience.

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