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Say what? There’s a ship waiting for me?

About the Bucket List Blogger, Trish Sutton Hey there! I’m Trish, a day dreamer and a night thinker. A writer, influencer and a creator.

I am a tea addict and a football fanatic. I love rainy days, flip flops, beaches, red vines, popcorn, mascara, roller coasters and Disneyland.

I have yet to master the art of taking a ‘selfie’ nor have I acquired the taste for coffee.

By day I create & make messes with my five year old and by night I am a human resources & accounting contractor. My personality test results define me as one of those right brain left brain people. You know the ones… we’re kind of like a box of chocolates. 

About the Bucket List Blogger, Trish Sutton

Welcome to my little corner of the www. I am thrilled that you happened across my ‘box of chocolates’ blog site. Thank you for sharing a few minutes of your life with me.

About the Bucket List Blogger, Trish Sutton My hope is that while you are here you will discover your next favorite creation, a must try recipe, a helpful review or a thoughtful article. 

For several years I wanted to start a blog.  Throughout all those years I made the excuse that “there are so many bloggers already”. I became a broken record. Every time my husband nudged I would tell him again and again, “that ship has sailed”.

Yet blogging remained on my bucket list along with a hot air balloon ride, skydiving, five baseball stadiums in five days, creating my own app, adding a stamp to my passport from another continent, and buying a Volkswagen 21 Window Bus for my husband, to name a few.

Alas, here I am with a self-titled lifestyle blog site creating, writing and sharing. A checkmark on my bucket list all thanks to my encouraging (read: relentless) husband.

Besides being a wife to a man I believe was custom made for me, I am a momma to two incredible boys born 16 years apart and a big sister to the most awesome siblings who range from 15 months to 11 years younger than me. And, I am a believer.

That’s me in a page! Now it’s your turn!! 

What do you love?
What’s on your bucket list??
And let’s hear it, Coffee or Tea?

About the Bucket List Blogger, Trish Sutton  

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  1. I am just happy to find an old friend and laugh along with your wonderful entries! To a successful blog!

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