Destination Disneyland: Five Tasty Treats

Destination Disneyland. The last time that Lindsey stopped by she shared her hiking tips. This time Lindsey is here to share her recommendations for Destination Disneyland: Five Tasty Treats. 

Destination Disneyland: Five Tasty Treats by Lindsey,

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I am a Disney addict who has been visiting the Disneyland since I was 3 months old. During all of these years I have found a few snacks that have become a requirement during any visit. Today I am going to be talking to you about my five favorite treats to enjoy while I am exploring Disneyland.

Destination Disneyland: Five Tasty Treats

Treat #1: Dole Whip

Destination Disneyland: Five Tasty Treats by Lindsey,

When the hot summer months roll around (or anytime almost) I love to indulge in a delicious Dole Whip. Up until around 5 years ago I had never even heard of a Dole Whip and now I can’t imagine doing without it in the summertime. This treat is basically pineapple soft serve and so refreshing! There is a different variation that is a Dole Whip Float which is the soft serve along with the pineapple juice. I highly recommend this treat for your next visit. This tasty treat can be found near the Tiki Room.

**Fun Tip: if you notice the line is extremely long on the outside of this stand, go through the entrance of the Tiki Room and often times you will find this side to have a much shorter line.

Treat #2: Popcorn

Destination Disneyland: Five Tasty Treats by Lindsey,

If you were to ask what one staple treat during my visits to Disneyland, the answer will usually involve popcorn. I don’t know how they do it but Disneyland seems to make some of the BEST popcorn I have ever tasted with just the right balance of salt and butter. This is such a nice treat to enjoy while people watching or taking a little break to rest your feet. This treat can be found all over the place!

**Fun Tip: Many of the stands carry a collectible plastic popcorn bucket that is themed for either the land the stand is located in or the major holiday that is occurring during your visit (Halloween, Christmas, etc). My family and I have an extensive collection of these plastic buckets and have found various uses for them around the house.

Treat #3: Ice Cream/ Mickey’s Kitchen Sink

Destination Disneyland: Five Tasty Treats by Lindsey,

Ice cream is one of those desserts/ treats I can enjoy no matter if it is hot or cold outside. This tasty treat is perfect to split with someone and such a cute collectible to take home. There are various sundaes that can be purchased in this adorable bowl. This tasty treat can be found in Disneyland on Main Street or in California Adventure on Buena Vista Street.

**Fun Tip: After you finish indulging and enjoying, if you ask really nicely, sometimes they will give it a quick rinse so you aren’t carrying around a sticky ice cream bowl. If they are not able to wash it when you ask, a quick rinse in one of the restrooms will do the trick.

Treat #4: Varieties of Cake

Destination Disneyland: Five Tasty Treats by Lindsey,

Ah, cake…If we are eating at one of the nicer restaurants in the park, such as the Plaza Inn, you can often spot many people (adults and children) salivating over one of the delicious slices of cake they have on display. I was lucky enough to indulge (and share) two slices of cake during my last birthday visit.

The chocolate and red velvet cakes were each amazing!! These slices, in my opinion, are too much for one person and can definitely be split amongst a few people. These tasty treats can be found at the Plaza Inn.

Treat #5: Rice Cereal Marshmallow Treats

Destination Disneyland: Five Tasty Treats by Lindsey,

This super cute rice cereal marshmallow treat is so good! Before leaving for home, my sisters and I are usually looking for a treat to enjoy in the car. This is always a winner in my book because it is easy to eat and not very messy but still delicious. This particular treat was decorated for the 60th Anniversary but the decorations do change with the season. I would highly recommend this to boost your spirits on your ride home from the Happiest Place on Earth. This tasty treat can be found at a variety of locations on Main Street U.S.A. and pre-packaged at a few other locations.

I have personally taste tested all of the above goodies and would highly recommend all of them if you are looking to indulge in something delicious during your next visit.

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Destination Disneyland: Five Tasty Treats by Lindsey,

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