Lessons Learned in Traveling

Eight must read tips from Lori Greco! I am excited to introduce Lori from Greco Design Company.  Lori is a New England girl with a passion for traveling. After traveling world Lori is sharing her Lessons Learned in Traveling with us. Read more about Lori below and be sure to share some social media love.

Lessons Learned in Traveling

I didn’t want to come home. We were in paradise and the thought of coming back to the frigid temperatures, snow banks that touched the street signs, and just the routine of the dreary winter days was haunting me. So much so that the pictures of home that I saw on facebook and the occasional news  channels looked almost foreign to me. But it had to happen.

We spent 7 amazing days on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts and a few extra days in Charlotte, NC in route. It was a family vacation – just me, the hubby and kids. Quality time. Big time.

Lessons Learned in Traveling; 8 Must Read Tips for Travel by Lori Greco, TrishSutton.com

Living in the Northeast, the winter months can be very long. I honestly think I get the winter blues and truly believe in the vitamin D, sun deprivation thing. This time of year I get grumpy, edgy and patience is thin {all the other months I’m just a delight}. Plus I’m pale and I feel the effects from all the holiday comfort foods. yuk.

So needless to say, a Caribbean vacation was just what I – we all – needed. I’m not writing this post as a “look what we did” message. I got so much more out of this change of scenery that I wanted to share it with you. And maybe encourage you to change your scenery a bit to help with any unhappiness, grumpiness, rut – whatever you want to call it – that you might be experiencing. Or maybe it’s just me?? I don’t think traveling 1800 miles is necessary to achieve this change of attitude. But, yes the sun and warmth did help.

In addition to it being fun, we can learn so many things when we travel. I was fortunate to travel a lot when I was younger and probably didn’t appreciate it as much at the time but looking back, it has completely changed my knowledge base. It has given me a different perspective on life and although I don’t consider myself “worldly” I am proud of my traveling and nothing can replace it or the first-hand knowledge I experienced. No books, classroom, or movie – no matter how educational – can come close. Here are some of the skills I think we can all learn with a little travel and a change of scenery. Not to mention the change of attitude that comes along with it.

Lessons Learned in Traveling; 8 Must Read Tips for Travel by Lori Greco, TrishSutton.com

Lessons Learned In Traveling

FIRST. geography.

You’ll obviously learn about where you’re going but you’ll also learn what else is around you. What it took to get you there and why. The weather, the terrain – all great lessons in geography.

SECOND. finance.

Whether you’re spending a lot or a little, money management seems to be a big vacation issue. And how to spend your money wisely. Our vacation really improved our math skills.

THIRD. time management.

What are we going to do today? Tonight? For lunch? Is there an activity we want to do? What time does it start? Can we fit it in?

FOURTH. creative thinking.

You could be traveling to the mountains, a bustling city, a friend’s welcoming home, or a tropical island – whatever the location, a change of scenery can do wonders for the creative part of our minds. We look at things differently. We notice things. We take pictures. We appreciate the beauty and differences around us that we might be missing at home. Traveling forces us out of your normal routine and to truly “create” our experiences.

FIFTH. sociology.

We learned so much about people. The good, the bad and the ugly – and by ugly I mean rude. Luckily we encountered more good {nice} people than rude. It’s also an opportunity to learn a lot about those you’re traveling with. Huge learning opportunity.

SIXTH. sales.

The art of negotiation. When you travel with people you need to consider everyone’s wishes. And since everyone usually wants to do, eat, and see different things, here’s where the sales and negotiation skills can kick in.

SEVENTH. politics.

We were fortunate to be in another country and they had their Prime Minister election while we were there. Same as our Presidential election – so it was a big deal. Plus, their current Prime Minister had been in office for 20 years. whaat? No term limits. And the people of St. Kitts were very passionate about the election and were willing to talk about it, the candidates and the different government rules. Very informative. But even if you’re staying local, it’s still a chance to learn how other towns, states or communities operate.

EIGHTH. psychology.

Dealing with the feelings and emotions that come with traveling. The ups, the downs, and for me, the coming home.

We all learned so much on our beautiful trip. It wasn’t perfect, not everything went exactly according to plan – if we even had one – and the kids bugged and tormented each other at times. But it was the time we took to spend together – trying new things and experiencing a new place – that made it perfect. And on top of that I think we all came back with a slightly new perspective on life. Can’t beat that.

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Lori lives with her husband and 3 kids in Franklin, Massachusetts; a suburb just south of Boston. This New England girl is originally from a town north of Boston and spent her college years University of Connecticut. The 'oh so cold' winters are made bearable because of her deep love for the New England area. Lori is an avid sports fan and loves attending Red Sox, Bruins and Patriots games. Being just a few miles from the Patriots stadium makes game day very convenient! Lori has always been a traveler. At age 16, she went to Australia with a program called Sports for Understanding which she describes as "life changing". She traveled with an amazing team of girls and a wonderful coach to Melbourne and Sydney and lived with several host families and in youth hostiles. When Lori was 25, she traveled to Japan and Thailand along with the exotic island of Phuket which she describes as "truly amazing". In addition to international travels Lori has had the opportunity to take in the diverse beauty of the United States. Her family camped and explored almost every Northern landmark from Oregon to Massachusetts. A trip she says she will never forget. When honeymooning in Hawaii Lori and her husband considered staying on the island. Now that they have their own family, Lori and her husband travel with their kids as much as possible. Cities they see as very important places, such as Washington D.C., New York and Charlotte. What could be called an addiction her family thrives on the fun they have exploring different Caribbean islands. The places that Lori has visited along the way have all played a huge role in who she is today. Her belief is that traveling is the best way to learn, understand and grow. Currently, Lori runs her own freelance graphic design business and blogs, as well. Her blog began with her love for ALL things creative such as painting, home design, party decor, DIY projects and furniture renovations. It has served as a creative outlet and has allowed Lori to continue to grow and share creatively, develop relationships, and it has pushed her out of her design comfort zone. Blogging has also given Lori a voice that she didn’t realize she had. She gets to write about some of her life’s journeys, DIY projects, and design observations while trying to relate each one to how we can better design our lives.