Carlsbad Strawberry Farm

A fixture along Interstate 5 in Carlsbad, California – the Carlsbad Strawberry Company has owned the farmland that can be seen from the freeway since 1948. 

Carlsbad Strawberry Farm; San Diego

This local farm sells Strawberries at Farmer’s Markets around San Diego County, packages and sells them commercially by Aviara Farms, AND even better there is an area open to the public as “U-Pick”.

When in season this Farm is on my “San Diego Favorites” List. 

Carlsbad Strawberry Farm; San Diego

The Carlsbad Strawberry Company is a short drive from San Diego and makes for a fun time with family or friends. The Farm’s U-Pick stand opens each spring and they typically stay open until sometime in July.

There are two bucket size options for purchase upon entering however there is a charge for each adult entering the farm to pick.  If you are visiting with little ones I suggest going with the larger bucket which covers the cost of two adults.

Carlsbad Strawberry Farm; San Diego

Whether you are looking for a fun family date, a basket of sweet Strawberries to create your favorite dessert, or planning a field trip for school or church, I recommend visiting Carlsbad Strawberry Company.

Carlsbad Strawberry Farm; San Diego

Check their website for more information on dates, hours, and location.

Happy Picking!

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