The Best Homemade Mario & Luigi Ladies Halloween Costumes

If you are looking for the best homemade Mario & Luigi Ladies Halloween Costumes. Look no further. 

The Best Homemade Mario & Luigi Ladies Halloween Costumes,

Technically, these Super Mario Bros costumes are not really homemade they are more like home created with the help of Amazon Prime. Regardless if we put thread to needle or not, my sister and I created The Best Homemade Mario & Luigi Ladies Halloween Costumes for us to wear while we were in Las Vegas over the Halloween weekend last year.  

Since we wanted our costumes to be a bit girly we ordered Tutus. Can I just say that my first time ever wearing a Tutu was when I was Luigi?

It was also the first time I ever wore a wig for more than a couple minutes. And I was so thankful for a very wise person who insisted I get a wig cap to wear under the wig. Take that little bit of wisdom with you if you ever opt to wear a wig.

Our Mario & Luigi mustaches were the closest thing to “homemade” on our costumes. The actual black mustaches came from Target and I bought the wooden dowel at Home Depot.

The Best Homemade Mario & Luigi Ladies Halloween Costumes,

There was adhesive on the backs of the mustaches so I stuck one of each of ours to a piece of cardboard and cut them out. Then I placed the cardboard mustaches up against a dowel and added a second mustache to the backside of the cardboard securing the dowel between the mustaches.

Most of our Mario & Luigi costume accessories came from Amazon but you can likely find those same pieces at costume shops or box stores. I just happen to be crazy about Amazon Prime and not so crazy about actually shopping.

The Best Homemade Mario & Luigi Ladies Halloween Costumes

From top to bottom… 

The Best Homemade Mario & Luigi Ladies Halloween Costumes

> Mario & Luigi CapsAmazon
> Black Wig & Wig CapAmazon
> Mustache on Dowel: Target & Home Depot
> Green & Red Tshirts: Target
> Suspenders: Hot Topic
> Fingerless White Fishnet GlovesAmazon
> Blue Capri LeggingsAmazon
> Blue Tulle TutuAmazon
> Black ConverseAmazon

Our Mario & Luigi Ladies Halloween Costumes were a huge hit on the Las Vegas strip.

There was even an off tune streetside singer who made up a song in our honor. He didn’t add very many verses to our song but he sang the chorus loud and proud, “Mariana and Luigiana”. 

The Best Homemade Mario & Luigi Ladies Halloween Costumes,

After all of our Las Vegas fun my husband took his turn at Mario when we went trick-or-treating with our youngest. Who do you think wore it better?

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*This post contains affiliate links for and Target. 

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