Donut Bar

A MUST make stop is the Donut Bar
in downtown at 631 B. Street.

If you live in San Diego, then make it a weekly stop!  This is by far the very best donut breakfast and dessert EVER.  However, if you plan on it being your dinner dessert you’ll need to pick up your donuts of choice in the morning because they sell out fast.

The Donut Bar opened in downtown San Diego in March 2013 and opened a second location in March 2014 in Orange County at 18011 Newhope Street.  They are by far the #bestdonutsintheworld.  The Donut Bar opens at 7am on weekdays and 8am on the weekend.  Their closing time Blog - DB03varies as they close once they sell out which could be as early as 10am or as late as 1pm.  Don’t chance it – go early!

The menu at Donut Bar changes daily.  They post their menu each evening on social media outlets to inform their customers of which of their favorite donuts will be available the following day.  Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and check their Website for more information.

There is a wide variety of donuts offered at Donut Blog - DB06Bar which means you will find one you love if not six.  Their staff is as sweet as their product and the lovely ladies ready to box your breakfast will share recommendations when needed.  They would also be happy to serve you up a tall Stumptown Coffee Roasters Cold Brew or regular, chocolate or strawberry milk; all chilled on tap!

My personal favorite donut at Donut Bar is the White Chocolate Crobar.  It is the perfect cronut filled with creamy goodness and topped with Blog - DB04delicious shavings of white chocolate.  Of course I also love the Strawberry Split filled with fresh sliced strawberries which requires a fork and a knife to eat.  Another one of my favorites is the Cake Batter donut which is a party just waiting to happen with perfect vanilla frosting and sprinkles. 

For Girl Scout Cookie fans the Donut Bar makes a perfect Samoa .  My husband’s favorite is the Twix donut which in his words “is an awesome chocolate donut covered with crumbled pieces of Twix candy bar”.  Our teen prefers the Maple Bourbon donut when he has to pick just one.  Imagine creamy maple with a hint of Jim Beam.  YUM. 

Daddy isn’t the only chocolate lover in our house; our little guy always goes for the Triple Chocolate Threat or a Chocolate Long John.

You really can’t go wrong at the Donut Bar unless  you sleep in and miss out.  Be sure to try the best donuts in the world the next time you are in Southern California and then let me know which was your favorite. 

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