Urban Girl Accessories

UGA0064Urban Girl Accessories is by far my very favorite place to shop in San Diego.

In fact, I can’t think of a store I’d rather shop at anywhere.

This unique boutique shop offers a variety of gifts, home décor, greeting cards, one of a kind pet gifts, tableware, women’s clothing & accessories and so much more.

The inventory is constantly changing and the prices are budget friendly. 

There are two Urban Girl Accessories locations in San Diego along with an online shop where shipping is just $5.00 flat and they always throw in a little something extra as a sincere thank you for sharing your business with their business.

Urban Girl Accessories online shop does not offer everything that they carry in their stores therefore if you live in San Diego or plan to visit I highly recommend you add a stop to either Seaport Village or Del Mar Plaza to your list of things to do.

Need a unique gift?  Looking for a fun greeting card?
In search of a new travel bag?  Love Toms?


Wishing you had just the right necklace?
Want a fancied up sundress for your Friday night date?


Headed to baby shower and don’t want to give the same thing as two others?


For all these reasons and so many more …


Urban Girl Accessories is also on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!    Be sure to follow them and share the love with your friends.

And when you find yourself browsing through the bracelets, books, magnets, and all the other accessories be sure to say Hi to Urban Annie for me!
– T