A Better For You Summer Treat; #GetTheScoop Giveaway

A Better-For-You Summer Treat! #GetTheScoop TCBY Giveaway TrishSutton.com

Creamy.  Frozen.  Delicious.  A hint of Sea Salt, waves of rich Caramel, and oceans of flavor topped with Caramel Sauce and Cookies.  YUM.     

You might recall that my husband enjoys Ice Cream every night after dinner.  He loves it.  And quite frankly, I never thought I would see the day that he gave up his evening ritual.  But HE DID.

Move over Ice Cream.  There’s a new summer treat in the house!

That’s right.  We have welcomed a creamy ‘better-for-you’ summer treat with a decadent taste into our freezer!  It is BETTER because it has HALF THE FAT of Ice Cream and YET, like Ice Cream, it comes in eight indulgent flavors including Double Chocolate Chunk and Sea Salt Caramel Swirl.  Welcome home TCBY Frozen Yogurt.

A Better-For-You Summer Treat! #GetTheScoop TCBY Giveaway TrishSutton.com

My husband prefers to pair his new favorite frozen summer treat with Caramel Sauce and Cookies.  Even with the added toppings there IS STILL less fat than Ice Cream alone.  And since TCBY‘s fun flavored frozen yogurt can be purchased at the grocery store, it is just as convenient to bring home as the hub’s old favorite dessert.

Creamy.  Frozen.  Delicious.  AND convenient!

A Better-For-You Summer Treat! #GetTheScoop TCBY Giveaway TrishSutton.com

Are you ready to try one of your favorite flavors of Ice Cream
with the same better-for-you qualities as Frozen Yogurt?

Enter to WIN and #GetTheScoop on this’better-for-you’ Summer Treat…

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A Better-For-You Summer Treat! #GetTheScoop TCBY Giveaway TrishSutton.com 

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