Amazon Prime Membership Top Ten Perks

Among the long list of Amazon Prime Membership perks the top ten reasons why I love Amazon Prime begins with convenience and includes same-day delivery, subscription discounts and Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Membership
Top Ten Perks


I absolutely love Amazon Prime. Primarily because I absolutely hate shopping. Hate it. From the parking lots to standing in line, I am not a fan of browsing or combing through stores in search of what I happen to be looking for. As lazy as it sounds, I will not deny that the majority of my shopping happens on my laptop at home or on my cell phone while waiting in the school parking lot. Amazon is always open and there is no seeking a parking spot nor standing in line involved.


I use the term “two day” loosely because I rarely wait a full two days for my orders to arrive. Along with Amazon Prime’s two day delivery they also offer same-day delivery and next day delivery on many products. On most days I can order before noon and unpack my goods by bedtime that very same day.


Amazon’s daily deals and lightening deals are huge prime member perks but Prime Day is truly like Christmas in July! This year Amazon will offer their Black Friday type deals for a full 48 hours beginning Monday, July 15th (2019) at 12:00a PST. In addition to those two days of time released deals there are preview deals that have already hit Amazon’s homepage. That said, for those who have yet to subscribe the time to join Amazon Prime is now! (Especially if you happen to be a Taylor Swift fan.)

Taylor Swift will take the Amazon stage tonight, July 10th, at 9:00p EST.


From our favorite snacks to air freshener and from our laundry detergent to vitamins we rely on Amazon’s Subscribe & Save to deliver our most used products. To subscribe prime members simply select the product they would like delivered and the frequency preferred then Amazon does the rest. The savings comes in when subscriptions are placed for multiple products. No need to remember restocking! Amazon sends a reminder email before shipping and consistently delivers on the schedule selected.


Amazon’s return policy is (in my opinion) the very best there is. When an item is received that isn’t exactly as expected Amazon makes it extremely easy to make returns. In most cases prime members have 30 days to return products free of charge. Simply select the item to be returned from the orders page then after a few clicks a return label is ready to print. (Prime members also have the option of returning items to UPS Stores and other locations without a mailing label.)


During the holidays we rely on Amazon’s gift lists! There is less than a month between Christmas and our youngest’s birthday. Amazon’s gift list makes shopping for him a breeze for our family. I personally use a wish list to keep an eye on items I’d like to add to my cart. Prime members have the option of allowing lists to be private or public. Along with the lists Amazon offers wedding registries, baby registries and “shops”. As an Amazon affiliate I update my shop with my favorite purchases. Check out my “favorites shop” right here.


Amazon offers a vast library of free videos that our family can stream via Prime Video. From movies to television shows, cartoons and even Amazon Original Series the list is long. One of our family favorites is the “All or Nothing” series in which an NFL team is selected preseason then followed throughout a season of football in a documentary format. A different team has been selected each year and they have each turned out to be an interesting and entertaining inside peak for sports lovers such as we are.


Amazon offers full resolution photo storage with Prime Photos. Not only can members save their images online but they can create a share site for family and friends to enjoy their memories as well. There is a convenient app that can be downloaded to mobile devices then it will easily sync photos to Prime members designated secure online storage.


It is not easy to choose just ten of my favorite Prime member perks. It is even harder to rank the ten that I have narrowed the list of benefits down to. Amazon First Reads is an early access option for book lovers and could easily be my most favorite perk; especially at bedtime when I am reading. Monthly freebies and discounted hardcovers are just two of the perks that come with First Reads. Amazon Prime Membership is a must for book lovers!! Read more on First Reads.


Speaking of reading, if you are anything like my eight year old or myself you have a couple (or several) authors that you favor. Amazon Prime offers a “follow” option for favorite authors along with book deliveries (and movies) on the actual release dates. No waiting around and no rushing to the store to stand in line; rather a simple walk to the front door to retrieve the hot off the press item from your doorstep on day one.

So what are you waiting on? Start your free trial today, tune in to Taylor tonight and enjoy 48 hours of Prime Day deals next week.

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