Chatbooks; Review & Free Book Code

Chat Books Review by and Free Instagram Book CodeChatbooks is an app that takes the photos uploaded to Instagram and places them along with the date and photo caption into a printed book.

I love Instagram.  It is, by far, my favorite form of Social Media.  And so immediately after being contacted via Twitter I downloaded the Chatbooks app to check things out.  It looked and sounded like a great idea for a “year in review” or printed Instagram yearbook.

Our lil’ guy is obsessed with taking photos.  He received a camera last year for his third birthday and to share his photos with his Aunt that bought him the camera and the rest of the family we created an Instagram account for him.  Whenever he takes a photo I record what he says about his subject then later I will upload a photo or two along with a quote to his Instagram account.

The Chatbooks app allowed me to print out a book of Instagram photos and quotes for our little guy to look back on.  His review – HE LOVES CHATBOOKS.

Our little photographer loves looking at his photos page by page while narrating the moments he remembers.  Many of his photos are blurry yet they are his photos and he receives great joy from seeing his “work” in print.

Chat Books Review by and Free Instagram Book Code
My review – I concur with our mini photographer.

Each book can hold up to 60 full color glossy pages.  The quality of the books are much greater than I expected for the $6.00 price tag.  And the free shipping that Chatbooks offers makes this Instagram Yearbook a fantastic deal.

The Chatbooks App is easy to use and includes an option to automatically send out another book once the next 60 images have been entered on Instagram.  Before completing the order the app offers the user the ability to edit photo captions (especially those longer ones that would print on a second page) and it allows the user to remove any photos from the printed book including any still shots of video uploads.

Chat Books Review by and Free Instagram Book Code
Other things I loved about the Chatbooks App…
– the ability to select which photo I wanted on the cover
– the in-app customer service help
– the speed of the printing & shipping (I received my two books within a week)
– the ease of printing a “yearbook” without having to upload my photos to another website then add captions again
– the binding of each book noting my lil’ guy’s Instagram handle, Volume numbers & date range

Chat Books Review by and Free Instagram Book Code
I am ready to order my next photo book now that I see just how much fun they are to have sitting on the coffee table.  Both me and the little guy love and recommend Chatbooks.

Four Thumbs Up!
– T

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