Cruise Packing List | Free Printable Complete Cruise Packing Check List

This free printable Complete Cruise Packing Check List includes a detailed list of essentials, electronics, clothing and more.

Cruises are awesome, am I right? Sailing to various locations, taking in different climates and going on excursions make for the best times on those floating resorts. Of course, packing for all of those circumstances can often create a challenge. To alleviate a little bit of packing anxiety, simply print my Complete Cruise Packing List.

Cruise Packing List | Free Printable Complete Cruise Packing Check List that includes a detailed list of essentials, electronics, clothing and more.

The truth is that packing for a cruise can often feel like packing to move! There’s the swimwear, flip flops and casual daytime clothes, the elegant night formal wear, comfortable walking shoes for ports, all of the toiletries, electronics and a laundry list of other items. Just like packing to move it is not always easy to know where to even begin. Enter: my Complete Cruise Packing List.

Complete Cruise Packing List

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This list is divided by category to help ease any packing anxiety or overwhelming feelings. Because, let’s face it you are either reading this post because you are an extremely organized person OR you need all the help you can get with organization. Either way you are here to ensure you have your bases covered. That said, if you happen to be standing in line to check-in when it hits you that you’ve forgotten something do not worry! There are shops aboard all cruise ships which means there is a very good chance you can purchase it onboard.

Cruise Packing List | Free Printable Complete Cruise Packing Check List that includes a detailed list of essentials, electronics, clothing and more.

Additional things to consider when preparing for your cruise:

    • Airline baggage weight limits (been there and the fees are not so friendly);
    • Special needs, including arranging for a wheelchair if needed;
    • Early boarding (some cruise lines offer VIP early boarding options for a fee);
    • And don’t forget to add any special clothing you may need for excursions!! You will likely have your excursions picked out or at least considered before you board the ship. Think about what you might need for those off the boat activities and be sure to add them to your list. I left blank spaces just for those types of things.

A few of my absolute-do-not-cruise-without-them items include: 

  • Travel Sickness Medicine, I swear by Meclizine;
  • Serge protector – I especially like the kind that includes USB ports like this one;
  • My favorite after-sun lotion with aloe;
  • This hanger (or at least a couple extra hangers);
  • Luggage Lock – this is the one that I use;
  • And for those times that I am traveling with someone who would like to secretly carry a little liquor on board – Lotion Bottle Flasks.
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