“Daddy’s Candy ‘Stache”; A Sweet Father’s Day Gift

Daddy's Candy 'Stache Father's Day Gift by trishsutton.comMommas might love receiving vases filled with flower bouquets for Mother’s Day but when Father’s Day rolls around the best vase filled bouquet for Daddy is a stash (or ‘stache) of his favorite candy. 

This is one of my husband’s very favorite gifts to receive.  At his office he is known for his “candy stash” which takes up an entire desk drawer therefore this sweet gift fits him perfectly.

What you’ll need:
– A Vase
– Dad’s Favorite Candy
   (Skittles, Reece’s, Blow Pops & Twix for my husband)
– Craft/Popsicle Sticks or Wooden Skewers
– Ribbons for the Vase & for bows on the sticks
– Foam Paper or Card Stock
– A Little Hand
(or a few little hands; to trace & cut an “I Love You”)
– Letter Stickers
– Hot Glue Gun

Daddy's Candy 'Stache Candy Vase for Father's Day by trishsutton.com
This fun bouquet makes a thoughtful and personal gift.  It is one that any age child can help in creating; even if it is just to use their hand for creating the sign language “I Love You” pop up.  Once the vase is filled with Daddy’s favorites this candy ‘stache is sure to please.

Daddy's Candy 'Stache Father's Day Gift by trishsutton.com

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