Double Pallet Platform Bed

For the past few months I have been on the hunt for a platform bed for my oldest son.  I have searched the internet, looked at countless furniture stores and researched plenty of DIY sites.


Finally, I found plans for a platform bed that my son liked and my brother who is awesome with woodworking agreed to build it.  In the plans the original builder noted that this bed would have to be built inside the room it would be placed in and that all bolts would need to be removed to move the bed.  Since we’ll be moving in a few weeks my brother agreed to build it at our new house.  However, the more I thought about it the less committal I felt.

A couple days after talking to my brother I received a text from my Aunt with a photo of her newly created pallet plant holder.  Immediately I envisioned a pallet platform bed.  One that could be stained any color (including black to match my son’s existing bedroom furniture), one that could be easily moved from one room or house to another, and the bonus to pallets was that if my son didn’t like it we wouldn’t be out a huge expense.  Not to mention with all the pallet furniture ideas we’ve seen online we could most likely repurpose those pallets in our back yard.

BED02To begin I looked up the measurements of a Queen Size bed, asked my Aunt where I could buy newer well constructed pallets, then took her advice and started searching Craigslist.  I quickly found a gentleman who had several sizes and weight options.  I ordered eight heavy duty pallets in a size that would leave the least amount of wood edging around the mattress.

After a few cans of Ebony Stain it was time to put my son’s platform bed together.  OK, so it was time to stack the black pallets two wide, two long, two high.  Done.

My son LOVES it.  The platform edging serves as a perfect cell phone stand at night and the total cost was just under $100.  Score.


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