Five Minute Friday: “Close”

It’s Five Minute Friday and the word is “Close”.  The question: is it “close” as in physically or emotionally close OR is it “close” as in the closing of a door?

My immediate thoughts go to the photo I posted on my Instagram account for Throwback Thursday.  The picture I posted embodied “close” in all forms I question above.

wl-photoOne year ago, my baby boy graduated high school and closed the door on his high school years.  He graduated along with his childhood friends that he’d gone to school with since kindergarten, his best friends who shared everything, his football teammates who fought through four years of adversity and triumphed their senior year, and our sweet cousin – his very first best friend (pictured).  These two cousins were born six weeks apart and their relationship like their age is the definition of CLOSE

As I posted that graduation photo for #tbt my thoughts were those of the bond these two young people have.  I reflected on their infancy, and their giggles at age three, the friendship they shared at ten, and their loyalty throughout their high school years.  I thought about how close their thoughts are for the future.  Both studying to serve their community & make a difference in their own respective fields of nursing and firefighting.  And, of course, I thought of that door closing a year ago.  That night was filled with hope & so many happy memories; that night was filled with the love of close friends & family; and that night was filled with a promise of tomorrow and the friendships that were so close that different colleges, states, nor time will break them. 

Close.  To close the door.  Close.  To be close.  To the memory and to the future of both.
– T

Note:  My other baby boy is the  photo bomber in this picture.  I pray he experiences the same closeness his big brother and his favorite girl cousin share.  The ‘bigs’ most certainly adore him as much as he does them and in such a way that the sixteen year difference does not matter.

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