Football Squares Game Party Printable

Every big game party needs a friendly side game for fans, right? This free printable Football Squares Game makes a perfect party addition and it is available in two different sizes.

Football Squares Game Party Printable

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Have you ever been to a big game party where the host had a poster with a grid drawn on it? And did you purchase a box or two, add your initials to random squares then anxiously await the end of each quarter to see if the crossing path of the two team scores would intersect in your box? Well, did you win!??

Football Squares Game is literally the perfect party game. There is no football knowledge required. Therefore even the guests who attend game day parties just for the food and the half time show can play. In fact, those are usually the party goers who have the most fun playing Football Squares. They have no allegiance to one team or the other; rather they are rooting for numbers.

Football Squares Game Party Printable

While I like a beautifully lined poster board with perfect 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch squares, I like convenience more. Alas, I created a printable board that can be used game after game, year after year.


  • Free Printable Football Squares Game (available in 8.5×11 or 11×14, below)
  • Printer Paper
  • Color Printer
  • Pens
  • Sheet of Scrap Paper for Numbers

How to Play

Before you begin, decide on the cost per square; $1 per game square tends to be a popular price to pay, however, I have been at parties where the squares were $20. That said, I have also attended parties where the football squares game cost was 25 cents per square.

  1. Invite guests to purchase squares and write their name in their squares.
  2. Assign numbers to the green boxes on the game board.After all 100 squares are filled randomly assign numbers 0-9 in the green boxes for both the home team and the visiting team.This is where scrap paper comes in handy! Simply write the numbers 0-9 on pieces of paper, toss them in a hat then pull a number and write it down, continue to do that until all the home team green boxes are filled. Toss the numbers back in the and do it again for the visiting team.Now each box on the Football Squares Game board represents a score.
  3. Enjoy the game and award Football Squares Game winners at the end of each quarter.Winners are determined by looking at the last number in each of the teams’ score. The square at the intersection of those two numbers is the winner of that quarter.
    EXAMPLE: At the end of the first quarter the score is Kansas City Chiefs 14 and Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10; the last number for the Chiefs is 4 and the last number for the Bucs is 0. The square on the grid that has the Chiefs with a 4 and the Bucs with a 0 would be the winner.


Football Squares Game – Letter Size, 8.5″x11″

Football Squares Game – Legal Size, 11″x14″

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  • Forget the cash prize and purchase four gifts to award to the Football Squares Game winners. In this case you may want to divide the squares equally among the guests who are present.
  • If game time hits and there are empty squares divide them among those who already purchased squares; then simply divide the cash received in fourths.
  • Laminate the printable and use dry erase markers to fill the squares then reuse it next year.

Football Squares Game Party Printable was originally posted on January 29, 2020.

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