Hand Winged Bald Eagle

Hand Winged Bald Eagle Paper Roll by trishsutton.com

The Bald Eagle is our National Bird.  With all the red, white, & blue crafts and décor during the summer months, a Bald Eagle sounded like the perfect symbol of freedom to add to the mix.

This fun project turned out to be my little guy’s favorite of all time.  HE LOVES HIS EAGLE.

Hand Winged Bald Eagle Paper Roll by trishsutton.comWhat you will need to create your own Bald Eagle:
* TP Roll
(or cut paper towel roll)
* White Cardstock or Construction Paper
* Black Marker
* Brown Paint
* White Paint
* Paint Brushes
* Yellow Cardstock or Construction Paper
* Googly Eyes
* Scissors
* Glue

Begin by drawing a line on your TP roll at about the 1/3 mark; then trace your little one’s hands on the white paper. 

Hand off the brown paint, a paint brush and the white paper with drawn hands off to your little one to paint while you draw out & cut a couple feet and a beak on the yellow paper. 

Next have your little one paint the white top on the TP Roll, then mark the feet and beak.  Once the brown hand wings have dried, cut them out and glue them to the dried TP roll. 

Finally glue on the eyes, beak, and feet.


And there you have it ~ a rare Hand Winged Bald Eagle.

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