My Aunt’s Cranberry Relish Recipe; My Favorite Holiday Side Dish

My Aunt's Cranberry Relish Recipe; My Favorite Holiday Side Dish, TrishSutton.comMy Aunt’s Cranberry Relish is ‘THAT DISH’.

You know the one… the one that you think about a couple months after the holiday.  The dish that comes to mind whenever someone mentions that holiday. The one you crave a few times a year.

That one. 

That is what my Aunt’s Cranberry Relish is for me.  It’s THAT DISH.

My favorite holiday side dish has flavors of bitter cranberries, sweet apples, a bit of citrus & the crunch of a pecan.  The perfect side dish, a tasty turkey topping, a refreshing dessert and even my day after Thanksgiving breakfast.

It is sweet and simple.  It is holiday perfection.

My Aunt’s Cranberry Relish Recipe
– 1 Carton or Bag of Cranberries
– 2 Apples (include peel)
– 2 Oranges (include 1 peel only)
– 1 Cup of Splenda Sugar Blend (or 2 Cups of Sugar)
– Small Bag of Pecan Pieces or Walnut Pieces
(I prefer Pecans)

Directions:  Add Cranberries, Apples, Oranges, one Orange Peel to food processor.  Turn food processor on a low setting.  After all of fruit is finely chopped up, stir in a medium size mixing bowl with sugar and pecan or walnut pieces.  Chill over night.

Enjoy this amazing treat as a side dish, a spread, alone, and at any time day or night.

What is your favorite Holiday Dish?

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