My Take On Stitch Fix; Review & Giveaway

My Take On Stitch Fix After 10 Boxes - Review & Giveaway by TagsThoughts.comIf you are an avid blog reader or a fan of the Today Show, you have likely heard of Stitch Fix.

And maybe you have even tried the four year old clothing subscription service, that has become wildly popular over the past year.

I began my subscription to Stitch Fix last fall, thanks to a friend (read: Stitch Fix Addict).  The same friend encouraged me to write this Review.

Which brings us to BOX #10.  (A quick note to my husband who just saw 10 dollar signs – I did not buy all of it)My take on Stitch Fix after 10 boxes…

 I am not a person who enjoys shopping.  AT ALL.  Fortunately, I have my best friend and my baby sister who will shop with me and for me.

Stitch Fix is perfect for someone like me.  Receiving a “surprise” box of five items that I can try on in the comfort of my home and pair with items already in my closet is my kind of shopping.

The Process for My Kind of Shopping

Stitch Fix Step One:
Head over to Stitch Fix to sign up & fill out a ‘Style Profile’.

TIP:  It is VERY important to give specific details in the Style Profile – including likes, dislikes and sizes.  The more specific the better!  Linking a Pinterest Board to my Style Profile helped my Personal Stylist understand my style.  View my Pinterest “Wear” Board here.  And view my Pinterest what I’ve received from “Stitch Fix” Board here.

My Take On Stitch Fix After 10 Boxes - Review & Giveaway by

Stitch Fix Step Two:
Choose a delivery date and wait patiently for your surprise box to arrive via FedEx.  You will receive an email with a tracking number once your Fix has shipped.  This is when the debit/credit card in your account profile will be charged $20. (Step Five explains how you can get that $20 ‘back’.)

TIP:  As my little one says, “waiting is hard”.  If you are a person who just can’t wait, you can log in to your Stitch Fix account after your box has shipped and select “Check Out”.  The list of items included in your Fix will appear in your Checkout Survey.  Don’t worry, you do not need to complete the survey at this time.   (I prefer the surprise, so instead of taking a peek, I stalk the FedEx truck.)

My Take On Stitch Fix After 10 Boxes - Review & Giveaway by

Stitch Fix Step Three:

Isn’t everything packed so nicely?  I love the TLC that Stitch Fix gives to each shipment.

My Take On Stitch Fix After 10 Boxes - Review & Giveaway by

Stitch Fix Step Four:

Try EVERYTHING on.  Seriously.  Even if you don’t think you will like it. 

Stitch Fix is great at introducing styles that align with each Style Profile and Pinterest Board.  There have been times that I have received something that was not at all my style or a direction I’d like to grow my style.  However, there have been a number of times that I received an item that I would have never chosen off the rack when shopping, yet loved it and kept it – thanks to my stylist.

TIP:  If you love an item but need a different size you can contact Stitch Fix to make an exchange.

My Take On Stitch Fix After 10 Boxes - Review & Giveaway by

Stitch Fix Step Five:

Open the envelope and check out the Style Card.  (Some people do this first but I look at my goods first!)  There are suggestions on how to wear each piece.  You will also find the price sheet in the envelope.

The $20 that was charged to the debit/credit card at the time of shipment is considered a styling fee that will be credited if at least one item is kept, so in a sense you are getting your $20 back.  If the subscriber keeps the entire box they receive 25% off their total before taxes. 

TIP:  If you are considering keeping 3-4 items be sure to calculate what the total cost of the box would be with the 25% discount; it might benefit you to keep the entire box for just a few dollars more.

My Take On Stitch Fix After 10 Boxes - Review & Giveaway by

Stitch Fix Step Six:

Check out.
After trying on the five items you received and have decided what you are keeping, log in to your Stitch Fix account and pay for the items kept (minus the $20 styling fee).  Be sure to share feedback on each item, your stylist will see these notes.  Then return unwanted items in the prepaid envelope within three days.

My Take On Stitch Fix After 10 Boxes - Review & Giveaway by

More About Stitch Fix

      • Stitch Fix is not just clothing, they also style accessories including jewelry & purses (subscribers have the option to opt out of any item by check-marking the box in their style profile of items they prefer not to receive).
      • Shipments can be scheduled automatically (every 2-3 weeks, monthly, every other month or every three months); Subscribers are not required to sign up for automatic shipments.
      • Shipping is free, including any returns.
      • Subscribers who ‘refer’ friends & family receive a $25 credit when the first box is sent.  I will receive referral credits from the links in this post, and if you choose to use these links – THANK  YOU!

And a few more TIPS…

Stitch Fix has the best group of Customer Service Representatives that I have ever communicated with.  If you have questions or concerns, email them.  Their team is fast to respond and wonderful to work with.

If you do sign up for Stitch Fix – Save your style cards.  They are a fun reference to have on hand.

Keep in mind that you can always “request” items in your notes.  Whether it be from a blog, Instagram or Pinterest – just share a link in your notes and if your stylist is able to fill your request you will likely receive it.  If you have an event that you would like a new outfit for – let your stylist know in the notes before shipment.

If you feel like your personal stylist “gets” who you are, you can request the same stylist for future fixes in the notes area.

AND most importantly, subscribers need an HONEST friend.  My fellow Fix addict is my honest friend.  Without any ‘fluff’, she tells me what works and what doesn’t work with my figure & my skin tone.

Ready to join, yet?  Already a Stitch Fix fan?
Share your comments below and sign up to win a $20 Stitch Fix Gift Card.
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