Patriotic Party Decor; Utensil Holder

Patriotic Party Decor; Utensil Holder & More, trishsutton.comWhere do you place  your utensils when you host a festive Summer BBQ or Patriotic Holiday Party?

A plastic cup can quickly become an impromptu Utensil Holder. And plastic cups can be purchased in red or blue which shows a bit of Patriotism, right?

I have another solution. My solution requires just 30 minutes to create and the supplies cost less than $5.00! 

Patriotic Party Decor; Utensil Holder

Supplies Needed:
Small Terracotta Pot
Blue (or Red) Paint
Red, White & Blue Ribbons
USA Letters

Step One:  Paint Terracotta Pot.  (The paint dries fast on this surface.)

Patriotic Party Decor; Utensil Holder & More,

Step Two:  Glue the Ribbons onto the pot, then glue the USA lettering (or a flag charm) over the seam of the ribbons.

Patriotic Party Decor; Utensil Holder & More,

Step Three:  Fill with Utensils, Straws, Flowers, Flags, and more!

Patriotic Party Decor; Utensil Holder & More,

Versatile Patriotic Party Décor.  And it looks more festive than a plastic cup!

Red, White & Blue Patriotic Party Decor. Planter, Pen or Utensil Holder.

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  1. What another awesome patriotic project! I need to get to work on some patriotic projects of my own. Thanks for sharing. I’m pinning!

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