Road Trip Playlist ~ Top 24

93 Songs, 6 hours 30 minutes…

Road Trip Playlist I have prepared six hours and thirty minutes of music for the toddler and me to enjoy this weekend as we make the trek to our new home. 

My three year old requested ONE song.  That’s it.  It is not off the Frozen soundtrack; however I did add a few songs off of our beloved Cars Soundtrack.

Take a look at our Top 24 (in no particular order)…


Road Trip Playlist

Road Trip PlaylistYep!  Mr. Sandman made the list!!

That was the request I received from my three year old.  It happens to be the little guy’s favorite song.  He sings it loud and proud.  Over and over.  And over again.

(I am crossing my fingers that it does not come up early in the trip because the “shuffle” setting might quickly be requested to be changed to the “repeat” setting.)

I am hopeful that our caravan can make the drive in under six and half hours but in the off chance it takes a little longer I’d love to have a few more suggestions to add to our playlist.  Comment below or share with me on Facebook or Twitter…
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Here’s to the journey!

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