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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Opendoor for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you have been hanging out with me here on the WWW for very long you likely know that I prefer simpler ways. Simple is my goal when it comes to creating, living and traveling. What I didn’t know and you might not know either is that there is a super simple way to sell a home.

For the most part my husband and I have had decent luck selling our previous homes. However, we learned with both houses that every home takes a certain type of buyer. Finding that particular buyer takes time.

Take our first home for example. It was an older home and while we had updated a few of the features there was no hiding some of it’s not so enticing quirks. The master bedroom did not have a bathroom attached, it was only a one car garage and there was no pool which is a big selling feature here in Central Arizona. Our home sat vacant on the market for a couple months after we had already moved on.

Our second home was a newer two-story home. It had a full master suite, two car garage and diving pool. However, it was not vacant while we had it listed on the market. And at the time we had a just turned two-year-old who was on a nap schedule. I would not describe the process with home number two as miserable but I most certainly would not describe it as enjoyable either. The stress of working from home part-time, keeping the playroom presentable, and being ready to leave the house in a moments notice for a potential buyer showing (even if it was naptime) definitely took its toll.

Recently, I was introduced to Opendoor. Have you heard of Opendoor? Think selling made simple

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Our home with no master bathroom and only one car garage would have sold immediately had we been introduced to Opendoor back then. We wouldn’t have had to spend the money we spent on utilities and staging a vacant home. We would not have had to list it or schedule a single open house. Opendoor would have thrown those market hassles out the window.

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To think that with Opendoor we wouldn’t have had to walk on pins and needles when we occupied our home while it sat on the market awaiting just the right buyer looking for a two-story house. Opendoor would have given us an instant and free offer. It could have taken seconds to sell our house rather than weeks. And it wouldn’t have mattered at all that the playroom floor was covered in toys.

Our current home was built during the years between house #1 and house #2. It is a single story, two car garage home with a diving pool, full master suite and plenty of quirks. Inevitably, there will come a time that we decide to sell this house. When that time comes we have a much simpler sales option to consider. One that does not demand constant cleaning. One so simple that it only requires entering the details of our home on then discussing the immediate offer we will receive with a representative. And we will get to choose our closing date (anywhere from 3-60 days). I absolutely love SIMPLE and how simple is that? 

Selling Made Simple; Opendoor

Get a free offer on your home and read more on selling made simple & Opendoor HERE. And if you happen to live near me you can learn more about Opendoor at the BHG expo in Phoenix later this month.

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