Simple Cream Cheese, Bacon & Jalapeño Dip

Simple Cream Cheese, Bacon & Jalapeño Dip by TrishSutton.comSimple and delicious.

This dip is the perfect combination of a few of my favorite ingredients and it tastes great with chips, crackers, or on a tortilla.  Who am I kidding?  It tastes good on a spoon too!!

My Simple Cream Cheese, Bacon & Jalapeño Dip recipe is too easy not to add to your list of party food. 

With just five ingredients and a few minutes you have an easy appetizer that can be matched with any dipper.

Simple Cream Cheese, Bacon & Jalapeño Dip

– 1 Block of Cream Cheese, softened
– 1 Cup Finely Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
– 2/3 Cup Cooked Turkey Bacon, crumbled
– 1/2 Cup Mayo
– 4 Tablespoons Diced Jalapeños

Simple Cream Cheese, Bacon & Jalapeño Dip by

The directions are simple! 

Add all five ingredients to a bowl and mix with a wooden spoon until the ingredients are well combined.  Serve with Chips, Crackers or whatever your preferred dipper happens to be.

Simple Cream Cheese, Bacon & Jalapeño Dip by

There are plenty of add-ons that would taste great mixed in this simple dip.  When I began the creation of this dip I started with my favorite ingredients –  Cream Cheese, Bacon and Jalapeños.  The Shredded Cheese was added because I wanted a little more texture.  And then the Mayo.

I don’t blame you if you turned up your nose as soon as you read “Mayo” on the ingredient list.  I’m not so much a fan of Mayo myself but while trying to create a dip with just the right consistency and without changing the flavor too much, the Mayo was a must.  Give it a try!!

Simple Cream Cheese, Bacon & Jalapeño Dip by

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Simple Cream Cheese, Bacon & Jalapeno Dip;

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