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IMG_2235bThere is no question that I love the way Sarah Jio writes. As I mentioned before, Ms. Jio’s first novel was given to me by my best friend and it was the very first fiction book that I truly enjoyed reading. Before The Violets of March I was more a reader of a non-fiction, biographies & documentaries.  Truth be told I have never been a fan of “mushy-love” romance novels.

Enter a book with “love” in the title.

To my surprise, The Look of Love was relatable to the side of me not so certain of soul mates yet sure of love.

While reading Jio’s latest novel set to be released next Tuesday, November 25th I felt certain there was a character modeled after me.  However, I know that I am not alone in the ways of my being and, in fact, I could see several of my friends and acquaintance’s faces as I read The Look of Love – starting with Jane Williams, the first person narrator.

The Look of Love begins with a Prologue set in Paris, 1893.  Then Chapter One immediately jumps to Seattle, Christmas Eve 2012.  I have always enjoyed reading Jio’s novels that drastically jump periods in time.  This particular novel does not visit the ages as consistently as Jio’s other books however the tie to 1893 is felt throughout the book.  This book instead bounces characters from chapter to chapter.

My connection with each character was just as strong for me as the characters in Sarah Jio’s first six novels.  Though unlike Jio’s first six novels I felt less mystery throughout the twenty-eight chapters.  My attention was not lost without the mystery that I love so much in her writing.  Yet I found myself constantly questioning what was next or what decision about love would be made, would be seen, would end up being the character’s future.

Being able to “see love” is a gift given to Jane Williams at birth, one that requires work to be done by sunset on her 30th birthday – Christmas Day 2013.  Finding the six types of love for this green eyed florist is a challenge she questions, in fact it’s one that seems unbelievable.  This heartfelt and emotional novel shares a cynical view of love at times, a raw and pure connection at other times, and yet there is an unconditional and forgiving love that prevails in the most unheard of circumstance.  Love is brave.

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The Look of Love.  Another winner.  7/7 for Sarah.
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