Simple 3D Valentine Canvas

Simple 3D Valentine Canvas by #conversationheart #valentine #decor #target #onespotLast fall I fell in love with a burlap canvas.

Some of my viewers might remember the Simple Fall Burlap Canvas décor I created.

I ended that post with:  “Stay tuned… this awesome Burlap Canvas is sure to make another appearance dressed in something other than the word “Fall” in the future.”

I am still in love with that burlap canvas.  And “the future” is now.

For three dollars my fall décor has been transformed to Valentine décor.

I found this Heart Tin in the ‘One Spot Dollar Section’ at Target.  It was $3.00 AND already painted black with chalk board paint – SCORE.

Simple 3D Valentine Canvas by #conversationheart #valentine #decor #target #onespot

After removing the “Fall” letters from my burlap canvas I attached this heart tin in the center of the canvas.  Because it reminds me of a cake tin I decided this would be the perfect décor for our kitchenette and so I hung it above our bistro table.  The messages can be changed as quickly as this craft was put together.

My little guy wanted to help select a new message when I was updating it and so after googling “conversation hearts” and reading through many options he selected “UR CUTE”.

Simple 3D Valentine Canvas by #conversationheart #valentine #decor #target #onespot

I said to him “Aw thanks my little nugget!” 

He responded with…
“No, Momma.  It says ‘UR CUTE’ and it’s talking to me!”

Well, ok then.

And back to my Simple 3D Valentine Canvas Décor… I think it’s “cute” too and the painted heart tin, in my opinion, was a total score for $3.00.

What have you scored in the ‘One Spot’ section at Target?

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