A Dream, A Passion, An Affiliate And A Newsletter

A Dream, A Passion, An Affiliate And A Newsletter equates to five (other) words for me, all of which could be translated into one word.

A Dream, A Passion, An Affiliate And A Newsletter by Trish Sutton

Mother. Blogger. Contractor. Student. Hustler. Those five words sum up a typical day for me, however for the past three weeks I have gone overboard with the last four words; all of which could be translated into one word, entrepreneur.

There is no person I would rather be than the mother to my boys. And being a blogger is my dream. Being a contractor allows me to work from home, set my own hours and hand pick my own clients which all equates to the perfect job.

To be a blogger and a contractor I must always be a student. Knowledge is power. It is pertinent for me to  keep up with changing laws, the latest technology and fine tune my skills. Hustler because there are only so many hours in a day and because I am passionate about being all four of those first four words; Mother, Blogger, Contractor, Student. 

A Dream, A Passion, An Affiliate And A Newsletter by Trish Sutton

 A dream, a passion, an affiliate and a newsletter.

When I finally started this blog site one of my friends and supporters happened to share with me that she stopped reading a certain blog due to the monotonization of said blog site. I have since noticed that said friend no longer reads what I post here on my site. 

Does it make me sad?
It did at first.

A Dream, A Passion, An Affiliate And A Newsletter by Trish Sutton

It also made me wonder how many readers happen across a blog site they enjoy yet they decide to leave the blogger’s mailing list because they are part of an affiliate program. Do they even know what an affiliate program is? And do they have any idea how much money that blogger pays annually to keep their favorite blog site going?

If it weren’t for affiliate programs Pinterest would not be what it is. Without affiliates who offer bloggers a very small percentage of sales generated by their website there would be many creative entrepreneurs out of business. Those pennies are paid out of the affiliate company’s pocket, not the reader who clicks on the product redirect link.

Those pennies received from affiliates help blog site owners pay for their annual web hosting, their domains, supplies to create Pinterest-y masterpieces, continued education for the blogger, taxes, software licenses, and a laundry list of other blogger costs.

Is your favorite blogger making enough to cover all the costs required to keep their blog site online? Do they even break even at the end of each month? 

A Dream, A Passion, An Affiliate And A Newsletter by Trish Sutton

Blogging is my dream. Even if this post is viewed by just one reader my dream is coming true. And if that one reader engages with me on social media, shares a comment here on my blog site or subscribes to my newsletter I am absolutely over the moon. That dream you are supporting is my passion. Thank you dear reader. 

By the way dear reader (or readers if there happens to be more than one of you), my newsletter format is changing. In my latest webinars, courses and studies it has become clear to me that it is time for a weekly newsletter. A weekly newsletter that encompasses all that I love and all that I believe my readers will love.

From crafts and recipes to giveaways and giggles, Weekly Simplicity is a newsletter filled with all things simple.

Newsletter Weekly Simplicity by Trish Sutton

I created a few exclusive free printables for my Weekly Newsletter Subscribers! Depending on when you subscribed to receive emails from me you may already be signed up for my weekly newsletter. In which case on Friday you will receive a link to those printables (which will occasionally be replaced and shared with subscribers). 

Click here if you would like to subscribe to receive an email once a week with simple crafts, easy recipes, must have reviews, the occasional DIY and sporadic stories of life with two boys born 16 years apart. And click here to read my updated “about” page!

I am a mother, a blogger, a contractor, a student and a hustler. All of which is possible because of a dream, a passion, an affiliate and a newsletter.

A Dream, A Passion, An Affiliate And A Newsletter trishsutton.com

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When this sleep deprived self proclaimed tea addict is not creating content for this here blog, Trish can most often be found at the Soccer field or watching a football game. Trish is a passionate volunteer, contract accountant, avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys and will only eat Oreos in pairs. She has two boys born sixteen years apart and her favorite place in the world is by her husband's side - preferably in a football stadium, at Disneyland or in San Diego.