Bath Time Sailboats

SB1aMy lil’ guy loves bath toys and he especially loves sailboats. 

Lately he has also been working really hard at learning to spell & write his name.

To join my little guy’s love of counting along with sailboats and learning how to spell his name we made Sailboats out of a pool noodle, foam paper and toothpicks.

Items needed to create these Sailboats:
Pool Noodle
Foam Craft Paper
Razor Blade
Scissors or Paper Cutter

Use razor blade to cut the Pool Noodle into 3 inch chunks.  Cut the Foam Craft Paper into mini flags, we cut ours 1.5 inches high.  Decorate flags with sharpie.  (I numbered the letters of his name to remind him the order that they go in.  He is great at putting numbers in order and this helps him line up the letters of his name in the correct order.)  Press toothpick through flag as shown in photo then press the bottom of the toothpick into the pool noodle.

There you have it.  A learning activity for bath time that floats through the high bath seas in the form of a sailboat.


After your little one has had as much fun as they can with the bathroom lights on, add a few glow sticks to the tub and turn out the light for night time bath sailing.

– T

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