New House ~ New Door Monogram

My family is just five days away from moving back to our home state and into the home we purchased in June.  Our new house was a perfect excuse for me to create front door décor.

New House ~ New Door Monogram

A couple years ago I saw a door monogram on Pinterest that I really liked.  It was made out of wine bottle corks.  Problem was – I am not a wine drinker.  Fortunately, I do have a cork connection.  A huge thank you to my baby sister and her co-workers for collecting a bag of wine corks for me.

New House ~ New Door Monogram

Items Needed:
Heavy Craft Letter, Burlap, Wine Corks, Ribbon, Hot Glue Gun, Razor Blade

To begin I covered my heavy craft “S” in burlap while my husband cut all of the corks lengthwise.  Next I laid the corks out, adjusted them to fill my “S” and glued them into place.  I then added the ribbon to the front of the “S”.  To hang my letter I found the center point of gravity by hanging the “S” from the tip of my finger adjusted it by moving it back and forth until it hung straight then marked the spot and glued  a ribbon hanger to the back side.

This simple project takes little time to create and will add a great welcome to any door.  My “S” is currently hanging our white door in San Diego but very soon it will be on the brown wooden door of our new home.


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