My Top 12 Moving Tips

We are just a few days away from moving back to our home state… below are My Top 12 Moving Tips; to ensure a more organized and smoother relocation.

Top 12 Moving Tips by

  1. Keep Notes
    Use notebook/list to write down anything “forgettable” during the transition, to track dates scheduled to turn off utilities, new utility phone numbers & account numbers, ongoing list of banks/businesses to give new contact info to, etc
  2. Change Address Early
    Complete USPS Change of Address Form two weeks before move to ensure your mail ends/begins properly at each location; it is easy to do online and the cost is only $1.05
  3. Color Coded Tags
    My biggest time saver for movers (family & friends helping) is having color coded labels on boxes, they are easy to spot and true time savers when it comes time to unload the moving truck and organizing which boxes go into which rooms
  4. Packing Station
    An easy access location where all packing materials are kept ~ Boxes, Color Coded Room Tags, Tape, Markers, Packing Materials, Towels & Grocery Bags (if using them to pack), etc

    Bucket of Cleaning Supplies; Top 12 Moving Tips by
  5. Order Groceries
    Place a grocery order to have groceries delivered shortly after move-in so that your kitchen shelves are stocked while you unpack; this saves so much time and the fee is minimal
  6. Defrost Refrigerator/Freezer
    Unplug and defrost refrigerator/freezer 24 hours before it will be moved to ensure any water has been drained and wiped out
  7. Bag Hanging Clothes
    Place garbage bags over bunches of clothes on hangers; this is the fastest way to pack & unpack hanging clothes and keeps them free of wrinkles & on hangers while taking a lot less space than wardrobe boxes (don’t forget to add a color label so that movers/friends know which closet they belong in)Top 12 Moving Tips by
  8. Bathroom & Kitchen Box
    Pack a box that includes the necessities for bathroom and kitchen use; soap, towel(s), TP ~ paper towels, paper plates, cups, knife, can opener, dish soap, etc
  9. New Locks
    Purchase the new locks & make duplicate keys before the big move; this makes for an easy re-key on the day of arrival and saves a trip to the hardware store amidst unloading the moving truck
  10. Cleaning Bucket
    Include cleaning supplies & paper towels needed to complete the final cleaning of the old house and the first cleaning of the new home Bucket of Cleaning Supplies; Top 12 Moving Tips by favorite Tub & Shower Cleaner can be found here.)
  11. Overnight Bag
    Pack an overnight bag with phone chargers, pajamas, a change of clothes, prescriptions/medications (including something for a surprise headache), contacts/solutions and the toiletries needed for bedtime and morning showers
  12. Kids Favorites
    Pack a bag/box with kid’s favorites ~ pillow, blanket, book, stuffed animal, snacks, handheld electronics & headphones, comfort items, etc (these items are handy to have in the vehicle during travel and will also be the first bag/box the little one(s) will be looking for once arriving at the new home)

What is on your “must do” moving checklist?
Please share your wisdom in the comments below…

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