Bedtime Prayer Book

aIMG_1335The nighttime routine at our house begins with bath time & brushing teeth, then we exchange hugs and kisses, followed by reading books & saying prayers, and finally we sing some of our favorite songs including “I See The Moon”, “Jesus Loves Me”, “Twinkle Star”, and “You Are My Sunshine” before our little guy drifts off to dreamland.

Listening to our tot say his prayers is one of the sweetest moments of the day.  He often repeats an aunt, uncle, or cousin several times which is our indication that he is really missing that particular aIMG_1315person.  Some nights prayers last a long time including blessing as many friends and animals that come to mind, other nights prayers end after “Daddy, Momma & Bubba” have been named and the infamous “and everybody we love, Amen” line has been shared aloud.

To combine my tot’s love of his family and books along with his list of prayers I created a bedtime prayer book for him.  I used the program MyPublisher to create a prayer photo book in which pictures of loved ones are displayed from times those he prays for shared a fun moment with our little guy.

In the past I have created photo books on four different aIMG_1295online photo company websites.  There is only one that I truly didn’t care for the print quality and they have since been bought out by a different company.  Overall, I prefer MyPublisher as the adding and editing of photos, pages, backgrounds, and accents happen right on my computer rather than over the internet.  MyPublisher offers a free downloadable program  to create books.  The program includes many background, font & accent options and is very user friendly.  After the book is created on the PC it just takes one click to upload it to the MyPublisher website for print.

aIMG_1307The Bedtime Prayer Book I made for my tot is a perfect keepsake and it is already a favorite in our home.  My sweet bookworm loves having a photo book of prayers which holds his memories and loved ones that he is so fond of including his aunts, uncles, and cousins.

The Bedtime Prayer Book, of course, ends with “God Bless all God’s children and everybody we love.  Amen”.

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