Five Minute Friday: “Belong”

After a couple weeks “off” it’s time I rejoin the blogging community for Five Minute Friday; a flash mob of free writing as we share our collective thoughts on the same word.

Belong.  Five minutes to tell you where I belong.  Three words…  With my husband.


I associate home with belong.  Home is where I belong.  And home is my husband.  Home is no longer a physical location for me.  The location of home changes for me based on where we go together; currently home is in San Diego.  I do not “belong” in San Diego.  Soon home will be back in Phoenix.  I do not “belong” in Phoenix.  I belong with my husband.  He is home.

belong map

I once belonged at my Granddad & Grandma’s house.  Their house was home.  It was where I belonged for so many years.  It was a safe place.  It was a loving and nurturing place filled with laughter and grace.  It was a place to learn lessons and let go of mistakes.  It was a place to share loudly and also a place to comfortably be still in silence.  My grandparents’ house was home and where I belonged.

The home I now belong with is no longer a physical location.  Belonging is held in my heart… home is now my husband.  The man that I promised to love.  The man that I vowed to be loyal to.  The man who loves me and protects me.  The one who laughs with me and grows with me.  The man who would do anything for his wife and his sons.  The man who I do not want to live without.  That is where I belong.

I belong with him.  He is my Sweetheart.

Might we all know “home” and may we all be so blessed to feel like we “belong”.
– T

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When this sleep deprived self proclaimed tea addict is not creating content for this here blog, Trish can most often be found at the Little League field or watching a football game. Trish is a passionate volunteer, contract accountant, avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys and will only eat Oreos in pairs. She has two boys born sixteen years apart and her favorite place in the world is by her husband's side - preferably in a football stadium, at Disneyland or in San Diego.

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: “Belong”

  1. So beautifully written! :-)) so many times I forget how blessed I am with family. This makes me think about where I belong and who is there with me.

  2. This is so great! I was talking to my kids about this just the other day – we were talking about how we might not always live in this house, and I told them, “home is wherever we are together.”

  3. this reminds me of the Billy Joel song “you’re my home”

    This is beautiful and true. I have moved many times in my life, and I think after you go from place to place you start to realize that it is not the state, the town, the actual house or apartment that is home. But rather the people you choose to make a home with.

    We were made to belong to people, not things. This is a wonderful reminder, thank you!

    Blessings to you and your husband and the beautiful home you have in each other!

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