Summer Goddess | A Cocktail Recipe

Summer Goddess; Recipe for a CocktailMy best friend is REALLY good at a lot of things. Summer Goddess Cocktail Recipe.

My bff is the BEST best friend.  She is an inspiring mother and loyal partner.

She is quick with one liners.  She is an extremely creative artist behind the chair.  She can DJ like it’s her livelihood.  She’s got moves that could easily land her in a music video. 

She is consistent when it comes to booking the earliest flights.


My best friend created a delightful summer cocktail made up of Passion Fruit & Mango Juice, Sparkling Water and Silver Tequila.  I created the measurements because, like my Grandma, my best friend sees no need to measure and quite frankly it works for her just like it did my Grandma.  Feel free to adjust as you see fit and if you can’t get it stiff enough – let me know, I’ll get my BFF to mix yours.

We shall call this perfect light cocktail “Summer Goddess”.

Summer Goddess Cocktail Recipe

3/4 Cup Passion Fruit & Mango Juice
1/2 Cup Sparkling Water
1 Shot of Silver Tequila
Ice Cubes

*The Passion Fruit & Mango Juice we use is from Trader Joe’s however any fruit/mango mix will work.

Summer Goddess; Recipe for a Cocktail

If you are more of the Vodka type because Tequila did you wrong years ago and you still blame the liquor then replace it with Vodka or another spirit of your choice then enjoy this barely sweet concoction over a few ice cubes on a summer evening with your best friend.

My BFF happens to be visiting from Seattle right now so we are blessed enough to share some laughter and this Summer Goddess Cocktail together.

Here’s to you & best friends everywhere!  Cheers!!


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