Gift Guide For Him: Father’s Day (Giveaway Announcement)

A ‘gift guide for him’ filled with Father’s Day gift ideas ranging from $30 to $249.

Gift Guide For Him: Father's Day Must Haves from $22 to $249.

Ten gifts for Father’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas and Anniversaries. There’s a gift for him on my Top Ten list. And there might just be a gift or two that you could win for him… 

Gift Guide For Him: Father's Day Must Haves from $22 to $249.

Gift Guide For Him: Father’s Day

1)  Engraved Wood Handle Hammer, $35
There are several options when it comes to phrases on engraved handles OR there is always the option of creating your own statement. Either way, an engraved hammer will put a smile on Dad’s face every time he uses it.

2)  Team Logo Trailer Hitch Cover, $36
A request I received a couple weeks ago was a Team Logo Trailer Hitch Cover, specifically a Kansas City Chiefs cover. If your ‘him’ is anything like my ‘him’ this is a gift sure to please. (Receiver Lock, $18)

3)  BottleKeeper, $30
A winner for camping, tailgating or hanging out poolside.
*Confession: this one is on MY WISH LIST. I happen to think this BottleKeeper is genius! Maybe I should add it to the trailer hitch cover gift just so I can use it.

4)  Yeti (20qt) Tundra Cooler, $249
Yeti. Enough said.

5)  Rodan + Fields Beyond the Shave, $180
Shave, Smooth, Protect. A three-step regimen to alleviate razor irritation and reveal better-looking skin. Who doesn’t want better-looking skin? 

6)  Copy Paste Dad & Child Shirt Set, $37
This. I absolutely love this shirt set and I love that it is unisex. The Father’s Day shipping deadline is fast approaching for this set but it is perfect for all occasions so keep this set in mind anytime you need a gift for Dad.

7)  Silver USB Cufflinks, $100
These were too clever NOT to make my top ten list! Without a doubt this gift would make any man’s most unique gift received list.


8)  Essential EDC Kit, $50
And THIS would be #2 on the most unique list! Macgyver has nothing on this Every Day Carry Kit. The item breakdown can be found on

9)  Bluetooth LED Light Bulb Speaker; Smartphone and IR Remote Controlled, $29
We have THREE of these lightbulbs at our house and I have talked two other family members into buying them! Speaker LED light bulbs make a great gift for any occasion.

10) 20V MAX* Lithium 2-Speed Drill/Driver, $70
The hubs gives this drill his endorsement and I second him. It’s an all purpose cordless drill, easy for anyone to operate and fit for small tasks or big projects. Four thumb’s up.

Giveaway Announcement

I will be giving away two of the gifts above! There will be two separate entries. Stay tuned to for the giveaway entry post for one gift. The other gift will be an exclusive giveaway for Weekly Simplicity Subscribers. Sign up to receive the giveaway notice and my once a week email here.

Which one of the gifts above would you like to win?

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