Handprint Snowman Ornament

Handprint Snowman Ornament by trishsutton.comThere is something about crafts created with little handprints that absolutely warm my heart.  And a handprint craft that doubles as a Snowman Ornament; well, that melts my heart.

My three year old describes this ornament as “a wid with Mommy, Daddy, Bubby, and me wooking wike Snowmen”.  That it is.  An upcycled can lid turned into an ornament with a Snowman family of four!

To Create Your Own Handprint Snowman Ornament you will need a lid off of a vegetable can.  Be sure that the edges are smooth.  We happen to have an amazing can opener that removes the lid with a flawless edge.

Along with the lid you will need red paint, white paint, paint markers, a ribbon, glue and clear acrylic coating spray.

Begin by painting the “outside” of the lid with your red paint (or whatever color you decide to be your base color).  After it dries, smear the white paint on your little one’s four fingers then press them down on the lid (be careful they don’t move their fingers from side to side).

Painted Hand Snowman Ornament by trishsutton.com

Once the white paint has dried create the “look” of your Snowmen with paint markers.  Finally, spray the ornament with Clear Acrylic Coating (I used matte).

Handprint Ornament by trishsutton.com

I am no artist.  What I imagine the picture looking like is three Snowmen with Top Hats and one with a Green Hat (that is “Mommy”), all wearing Scarves, Buttons, Carrot Noses, and Smiles.

Handprint Snowman Ornament

This sweet memory of a small handprint makes a great addition to the tree year after year and looks perfect atop any wrapped gift!

Every year I create a homemade ornament with my little guy to share with his Auntie and his two Papas & Grandmas.  Even with the lack of artistry on my part, this is my favorite one yet!


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Handprint Snowman Ornament; a vegetable can lid, red paint, white paint, paint markers, a ribbon, glue and clear acrylic coating spray is all you will need, by TrishSutton.com.

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15 thoughts on “Handprint Snowman Ornament

  1. Your snowman handprints on upcycled lids are adorable. I am a child care provider and am searching for craft ideas for our Christmas party on the 16th. Can you tell me where you got the lids? If they are from regular cans, how do they not have sharp edges?

    1. Hi Alice! Thanks so much for stopping by. Fortunately, I have a clean edge can opener. After a visit to the ER one holiday baking season my husband insisted that I find a can opener that would not leave those sharp edges. Stitches and an ER visit will do that. 😉 My clean edge can opener was worth every penny.

    2. We bought one on Amazon called OXO Smooth Can Opener ~> https://amzn.to/2hbgRR7. I came across the can opener in a YouTube video and was SOLD immediately. We absolutely love it. They may sell it elsewhere – I’m not sure about that. I often think that I should share a product review on my site for anyone else who might be looking for just this type of can opener. It makes upcycling old cans and can lids a breeze because there are no rough edges.

    3. I think a product review on such a can opener would be a terrific idea. You are sharing with your followers a neat idea for upcycling and putting used canned lids to great use. I ended up purchasing quart size paint lids to make these adorable snowmen handprints. I run a daycare so I would have needed to start saving vegetable can lids a month or two in advance to have enough in time for our daycare party. Now that I am able to purchase the unique can opener you have recommended, perhaps next year I can be more environmentally conscious. Thank you for sharing!

    4. Alice, you made my day! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts & support with me! I think you are right about sharing that can opener I love. Have a fantastic week.

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