Upcycled Can Snowman

Upcycled Can Snowman by TrishSutton.comYep.  Another Upcycled Snowman.

I can’t help myself.

And it’s only the second out of three this week.  Just you wait until Friday to see what my three year old made for his Auntie and his Papas & Grandmas this year!

If you’ve been reading my blog for long you might remember my Patriotic Upcycled Windsock and my Upcycled Halloween WindsocksLike those this  Snowman came from vegetable cans; four of them in three different sizes along with a few items out of my crafts closet.

This Upcycled Can Snowman’s buttons, eyes, nose, and smile could all be made with whatever you happen to have laying around.  I used black felt for my Upcycled Snowman’s buttons, googly eyes, a cut orange popsicle stick nose and a red pipe cleaner for his smile.

Besides the four cans, items needed for the Upcycled Snowman’s face and buttons, you will also need white & black paint, a drill, string, ribbon for a scarf, beads to secure the cans in place on the string, and glue.

Upcycled Can Snowman by TrishSutton.com

Begin by drilling the holes through the center of each can then paint three cans white and one can black for the top hat.  After the paint dries thread the string through each can securing it in the place desired with a bead.

Upcycled Can Snowman by TrishSutton.com

Attach the Upcycled Snowman’s buttons, eyes, nose, smile with glue then wrap with a ribbon scarf and hang!

Upcycled Can Snowman by TrishSutton.com

And there you have an Upcycled Can Snowman! 

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