Letter to Santa Printable

Santa Claus is coming to town!! In fact, his expected arrival is just 25 days away, which means there is no time like the present to write a letter to Santa.

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This fill in the blanks printable letter to Santa. TrishSutton.com

I could use the excuse that I know exactly how many days there are until Christmas because I have a six-year keeping track. And that is true. I do have a six-year counting down and keeping track of the days until Christmas on our Countdown Frame. However, I am just as excited for Christmas. In fact, I have my own countdown going with an app on my phone. You know… just in case my six year old would like to know the hours, minutes and seconds until Christmas.

In the true sense of the words, I am like a kid at Christmas minus the letter to Santa. Our six-year old has the letter writing covered! And because I believe that Santa and I think a lot alike I created a simple fill in the blanks “letter to Santa” printable.

This fill in the blanks printable letter to Santa. TrishSutton.com

Letter to Santa Printable

This fill in the blanks letter will be especially helpful for those families who stick to the simple gift giving of “want, need, wear, read”. There are spaces to write in something they WANT, something they NEED, something to WEAR, and something to READ. Make that FOUR ‘somethings’ of each along with the gift that is the MOST wanted.

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This fill in the blanks printable letter to Santa. TrishSutton.com


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