Mini Terracotta Pot Candy Corn Décor

Mini Terracotta Pot Candy Corn Decor by TrishSutton.comThese mini terracotta pots make fun décor when painted white, orange and yellow and stacked like candy corn. 

And according to my lil’ guy they make a great gift for his Aunt as well.  Before starting this simple Fall creation you’ll need to pick up a six pack of mini terracotta pots from the craft store.  A pack of six cost me two dollars.

Paint Brush & Paint – Yellow, Orange & White
Six Small Terracotta Pots & String or Ribbon
Paint Marker

Paint two pots Yellow, two pots Orange, and two pots White
After they dry thread your string or ribbon through one of each colored pot
Tie a knot at the level preferred for each pot to hang
(yellow on bottom, orange in the middle, and white on top)
Use a second string to thread the other pot of each color
Tie the two string of pots together

Mini Terracotta Pot Candy Corn Decor by

I used a Paint Marker to write “Happy Fall” on one side and “Happy Halloween” on the opposite side so that these mini pots offered a friendly welcome whichever way they faced.

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Mini Terracotta Pot Candy Corn Decor by

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