Simple Fall Burlap Canvas

Simple Fall Burlap Canvas trishsutton.comWhile every store I have been in lately has their Christmas aisles stocked I am still relishing in Fall.

I am patiently awaiting the arrival of
ghosts and goblins,
princesses and superheroes,
along with the sound of my doorbell followed by the words
“trick or treat”.

I am looking forward to pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and a full day of football on Thanksgiving. 

And then, after those days have come and gone, that is when I will pull out the red and green plastic tubs from the garage and begin Christmas decorating and creating.

Until then, I will scroll past the posts of Christmas cheer on Pinterest, walk past the red and green covered store aisles, and I will craft in colors of changing autumn leaves.

Simple Fall Burlap Canvas by
My Fall Burlap Canvas did not even require an entire nap time to create!
Just four letters, a couple different colors of raffia, a needle & thread
and a canvas already made out of burlap (no covering required).
How’s that for simple? 

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