Paper Roll Binoculars

Paper Roll Binoculars by trishsutton.comMy three year old loves to use binoculars.  Even out of focus, there’s not a chance in the world he can see through them, binoculars. 

When my tot is watching a football game, searching the sky for planes, or hunting for backyard insects – he “needs noculars”.

To keep his fingerprints off of our finer set of binoculars we made him his own set of “noculars” out of paper rolls.  And let me tell you – HE LOVES THEM. 

Ironically, he can see ANYTHING through the painted cardboard cylinders that he wears proudly around his neck.  His face lights up as he spots objects near and far through his handmade accessory!

Paper Roll Binoculars by

To make a set of binoculars for your little one you will need:
two paper rolls
hole puncher
yarn (ribbon or string would work as well)

Begin by painting the paper rolls, after they dry tape them together.  My lil’ guy chose skateboard duct tape to connect his field glasses.

Use your hole puncher to punch two holes – one hole on the outside of each roll.

Thread yarn (ribbon or string) through one of the holes you created, tie a knot to secure it then add the desired number of beads to your neck strap.  Once the beads are all in place thread the other end of the yard through the second hole and knot it.

Paper Roll Binoculars by

Tip:  Wrap a piece of tape around the end of your string creating a point to make a needle to thread through the beads.  This makes the task of adding beads much easier for tiny fingers and ensures that the yard does not fray.

Paper Roll Binoculars by

These Binoculars make for a great activity to work on hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills.  Not to mention it’s a fun way to upcycle paper rolls.

There’s a whole world to discover… and seeing it through the eyes of a three year old is just as fun as a three year old seeing the world through his own pair of Paper Roll Binoculars!

Oh Happy Day.

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