At Home Pedicure Pack: Mother’s Day Gift + Printable

Going to the Spa for a pedicure is hands down the way to go for a pedi; however, sometimes it is a bit difficult to fit pedi-time in during Spa hours.

At Home Pedicure Gift Pack: Mother's Day Gift + Printable, Gift for Her by

Do friends, Moms, Grandmas and Aunties love pedicures at the Spa? Of course they do! It is definitely relaxing to have someone who’s craft is the art of a pedicure scrub, massage, manicure and polish their toes. What’s not to love?

The question is, when is there time to schedule this dreamy service? Hmmm…

Personally, if I could find a pedicurist who would offer me a standing 11:15pm appointment I would have one scheduled for tonight.

Home Pedicure

I know that I am not alone when it comes to pushing my pedi to the bottom of the list. The solution for those ladies like me is an At Home Pedicure Pack. It is a customizable gift and it is one that keeps on giving!

At Home Pedicure Pack: Mother’s Day Gift + Printable

Included in my At Home Pedicure Pack…

Foot Scrub
Foot File
Cuticle Remover
Cuticle Pusher
Foot Cream
Nail File
Gel Polish & Top Coat

Home Pedicure

A few more needed supplies for assembly…

Cellophane Bag
Gift Bag Filler
Scissors & Hole Punch
This Gift Tag Printable

At Home Pedicure Pack: Mother's Day Gift + Printable, Gift for Her by

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating this Mother’s Day Gift! My Aunt bought me a Pedi Electronic Foot File that I absolutely love; it would go fabulous in an At Home Pedicure Pack. And if Mom doesn’t have Cuticle Oil, Toe Separators and Nail Clippers on hand, they are all necessities for an At Home Pedicure and would be awesome additions to this gift.

Of course, a cutesy tag was in order for Mother’s Day. Click here for a printable with three  different Toe-Taly cute gift tags to get started on your Gift for Her.

At Home Pedicure Pack: Mother's Day Gift + Printable, Gift for Her by

By the way, I highly recommend the polish pictured. Read my review here.

What time would be your perfect pedicure time?
Anyone else looking for an appointment between 11pm and midnight?

At Home Pedicure Gift Pack: Mother's Day Gift + Printable, Gift for Her by

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