Spooky Halloween Decor; Free Printable

“Bat’s Motel; No Vacancy.”  Those are the words that light up next to our front door every night at 6:00 pm during the month of October.

Spooky Halloween Decor; Free Printable by TrishSutton.com

I can’t remember exactly how many years we have hung the lit “Bat’s Motel” metal sign next to our front door; but for as many Octobers as I can remember “No Vacancy” has shone through the dark of night.

Spooky Halloween Decor; Free Printable by TrishSutton.com

Along with that old black and purple lit sign we always hang two strands of Bat Lights.  Much to our four year old’s dismay, the Bat Lights had to be replaced this year.

The little guy has shared this tragic news with every person who has knocked on our door since October 1st. Our mail lady, UPS driver, Schwan’s delivery rep, two aunts, a couple neighbors and few friends have all heard the tragic news that “only two of our old bats would light up and the rest of them were broke”.

After dramatically sharing the circumstances of the aged Bat Lights he explains that the bats hanging above them are new bats and “these bats are not scary, these bats are spooky and silly”.

Spooky Halloween Decor; Free Printable by TrishSutton.com

Spooky Halloween Decor; Free Printable

Spooky and silly are the key words, anything “scary” is not acceptable.  When it comes to decorating the inside of our house we leave the scary stuff in the box in the garage and we decorate with more friendly Halloween Decor like Spooky Bats and Silly Ghosts.  Our indoor bats and ghosts can pop up anywhere and they do!  

To make your own spooky bats and silly ghosts you will need…

Card Stock for my Free Printable
a Wooden Dowel
Tape (or glue)
and Scissors

Spooky Halloween Decor; As Easy As 1-2-3!  

Spooky Halloween Decor; Free Printable by TrishSutton.com

Simply print my Spooky Halloween Decor Free Printable, cut out the bat and ghosts then tape each one to a wooden dowel.  If you would like for your bats and ghosts to be double sided print a second copy, cut and glue the spookies back to back with the dowel between the two sheets of card stock.  

Spooky Halloween Decor; Free Printable by TrishSutton.com

BONUS:  These spookies on sticks double as puppets!

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Spooky Halloween Decor; Free Printable. Simply print my Spooky Halloween Decor Free Printable, cut out the bat & ghosts then tape them to a wooden dowel.

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