St. Patrick’s Day Treat: A Rainbow That Leads to Gold

St. Patrick's Day Treat: A Rainbow That Leads to GoldSt. Patrick’s Day treats to share with friends, classmates & neighbors…

These sweet treats are sure to be a hit with the color of the rainbow and a sweet chocolatey pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow. 

 To Create My Tasty Rainbow Treats to Share You Will Need:

– Plastic Treat Bags
– Rolos
– Skittles
– Mini Marshmallows
– Paper (for the Free Printable)
– a Stapler

It helps to sort the colors of the rainbow into small containers before you begin.  If you have little hands helping with the assembly of these St. Patrick’s Day treats an ice tray or egg carton works great to sort candies;  it will get them using those pincher fingers and in turn it helps develop their fine motor skills.

St. Patrick's Day Treat: A Rainbow That Leads to Gold

Depending on the age of your little helper they will likely enjoy the sorting of the colors as much as the assembling of the rainbow. (Sorting was my little helper’s favorite part!)

Layer Rolos in the bottom of the baggies, followed by the Skittles (Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red) then top the candy with Mini Marshmallows.  Print my Free Printable then cut out the individual notes, address them, fold the notes over the top of each baggie and staple.

St. Patrick's Day Treat: A Rainbow That Leads to Gold

Yum!  A tasty rainbow… ready to share.

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    1. They were fun to make but believe it or not HE DID NOT EVEN EAT ONE SINGLE SKITTLE!!?? Who’s kid is he anyway?? LOL. He said he was making them for Daddy & Bubby and apparently all the left overs were for Daddy & Bubby too! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!!

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