Wine Cork Necklace Organizer

In the past both my Great Grandmother and my baby sister have given me lovely Jewelry Boxes complete with velvet lined drawers, special ring slots, and necklace hangers.

DIY Upcycle Wine Cork Jewelry Necklace Organizer by trishsutton.comLovely indeed; yet, I am horrible about returning any of my regularly worn jewelry to it’s hidden home.

Rather than hammering several uneven nails in the wall of my bathroom I created a way to hang my necklaces on my side of the master bathroom using just one nail.


My solution – a Wine Cork Necklace Organizer.

Almost as easy as hammering in several nails and just as practical when it comes to retrieving those necklaces I wear most often.

10 Wine Corks
10 Brass Hooks(5/8 inch)
2 Brass Eye Hooks
and a Glue Gun  

Oh!! And that one nail.

Begin by laying out the Wine Corks.  I created a bit of a stagger as my Wine Corks were various sizes.  Then glue the corks together, pressing each one firmly to the next and holding it in place for a few moments while the glue sets.

DIY Upcycle Wine Cork Jewelry Necklace Organizer by

Next screw the Brass Hooks and the Brass Eye Hooks into place.

DIY Upcycle Wine Cork Jewelry Necklace Organizer by

Tie the Ribbon onto the Eye Hooks and hang.

DIY Upcycle Wine Cork Jewelry Necklace Organizer by

Wine Cork Necklace Organizer. It works for me!

And it even received the hub’s approval.  He noticed it when he got home from work on the day I hung it (HUGE) and complimented me on it immediately.

Pretty sure had he known about my “several nails” alternative he would have added “and thank you for not hammering in several uneven nails across the bathroom wall”.

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34 thoughts on “Wine Cork Necklace Organizer

  1. Hi, Trish!

    I’m a person who really loves necklace. This will be a perfect place to my necklace which I almost use everyday. I can just easily grab it in the morning and very economical. Maybe I also need a bigger one for the others. Thanks for this tip!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Meg! I absolutely LOVE mine. I love all wine cork creations but this is especially one of my favorites because I use it every day (and because I think it looks cute in my bathroom)!!! Cheers ~ Trish

  2. Tried the hot glue and it didn’t hold the corks well at all. Drilled tiny holes through side of each cork and slid them on a wooden skewer. Held together and not going anywhere.

    1. Great idea, Wanda! My hot glue is still holding strong here. I’m happy to hear that your Plan B worked out. Have a great weekend!

  3. What a wonderful idea! I’ve been saving tons of corks and didn’t know what to do…until now! Thanks for linking up at MeetUp Monday – Hope to see you there again this week!

  4. this is a really unique and fun idea!! I would love to invite you over to join my party at Totally Terrific Tuesday! Have a great night!! pinned and shared!

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