Tissue Sparklers DIY Faux Firecrackers for Kids

Create festive red, white and blue tissue sparklers that are fun to shake, as well as, decorate with. No fire required Tissue Sparklers DIY Faux Firecrackers for Kids.

This is one from the memory bank! A memory from my first couple years of college when I spent my summers teaching public summer school. One of my very favorite crafts from those summers was the Tissue Sparklers that we would make just before Independence Day. Sure they don’t really sparkle, nonetheless, they are fun faux firecrackers for kids of all ages to use in place of a lit sparkler or as patriotic decor.

Tissue Sparklers DIY Faux Firecrackers for Kids


Tip:  Foil tissue paper makes for a fun & flashy sparkler!  I really wanted to use red, white & blue tissue and was not able to find the foil tissue in all three colors.

Supplies needed to make tissue sparklers; tissue, glue & straws.


First, lay the tissue paper flat and cut the short side of the tissue paper in half, creating two 8 inch pieces.

Red tissue paper and scissors used for step one of tissue sparklers.

Next, cut the long side of the tissue paper in half, creating a 12 inch side of the tissue paper.

Scissors and blue tissue paper used for creating tissue sparklers.

Then fold one section of the cut tissue paper in half and create strips with cuts that will leave a 1/2 to 3/4 inch uncut edge.

Red, white & blue tissue paper cut with scissors for sparklers.

Next add a line of glue across the uncut side of the tissue then wrap the tissue paper around the straw (or dowel).

Glue on blue tissue paper.

Continue to wrap the faux firecracker until the tissue is completely wound around the straw.

Red, white and blue tissue paper wrapped around a white & blue striped straw.

Allow time for the glue to dry then celebrate with your tissue sparklers.

Tissue Sparklers with Red, White & Blue Accessories

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