Weekly Wall Calendar

Dry Erase Weekly Wall Calendar by trishsutton.comMany of my friends shared their New Year’s Resolutions with me.

I have never been much of a Resolution girl however I am a girl who sets goals and writes them down therefore it is easy for me to understand the motivation behind naming Resolutions.

One of the Resolutions that I repeatedly heard & saw on my Social Media News Feeds was that of organization.

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to be more organized? 

One of my own simple organization routines that keeps my family up to date is posting on our weekly wall calendar.  I made this Dry Erase Weekly Calendar out of a photo frame.  Using a Dry Erase Marker I can easily mark on the glass and erase last week’s schedule with just a swipe.  This Dry Erase Calendar also works great for meal planning as a Weekly Menu posted on the wall.

Dry Erase Weekly Wall Calendar trishsutton.comTo create your own Dry Erase Weekly Wall Calendar:

– Cover the factory insert inside your chosen frame with burlap or your favorite fabric (use glue or adhesive spray to secure).

– Measure out seven sections and separate them with ribbon, cut paper, or another crafty divider.

– Add days with initial letter stickers.

– Place inside the glass frame & hang.

– Fill in your weekly schedule or menu with a dry erase marker.

This calendar works great to keep our household “in the know” and can easily be updated throughout the week.

Here’s to the new year!

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