Helping Hand Handmade Gift

Create a one size fits all ‘Helping Hand’ handmade gift fit for anyone with an oven or a grill.

One size fits all handmade gift fit for anyone with an oven! Mother's / Father's / Grandparent's Day, Birthdays & Christmas.

Give this handmade gift that is made with love for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Birthdays and Christmas. It is a perfect gift for mommies, daddies, aunties, grandparents along with the list of others who adore those little hands and the little one they are attached to.

After all, who wouldn’t love a helping hand?
And, on that note, who doesn’t absolutely love the hand prints of little ones?

Helping Hand Handmade Gift

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Mother's / Father's / Grandparent's Day, Birthdays & Christmas sentimental gift.


Begin by pouring the fabric pain onto a paper plate (or another flat surface). Then rub the little hand you will be using on the mitt around the plate of paint. Continue to rub the hand until it is completely covered with a layer of paint.

Firmly press the painted hand on oven mitt;

Firmly press the painted hand down onto the mitt then hold the mitt down and carefully lift the little hand off of the oven mitt to avoid smearing the paint. (The hand and mitt will stick a little when separating.

A Helping Hand; Handmade Gift. One size fits all handmade gift fit for anyone with an oven! Mother's / Father's / Grandparent's Day, Birthdays & Christmas.

Allow time for the hand print to dry then (if desired) use a fabric marker to write a message (and/or name & date) on the oven mitt. Wait until the writing has dried completely before sharing your helping hand mitt.

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A Helping Hand; Handmade Gift. One size fits all handmade gift fit for anyone with an oven! Mother's Day, Father's Day Grandparent's Day, Birthdays & Christmas.

This Helping Hand Handmade Gift post was originally posted on September 6, 2015. Thank you the overwhelming number of views, pins on Pinterest and emails from readers. And for those of you who are seeing this tutorial for the first time, welcome and thank you too.  

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This Handmade Gift Helping Hand post was originally posted on September 6th, 2015. 

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39 thoughts on “Helping Hand Handmade Gift

  1. Just made two of these for the grandmas for Mother’s Day! Such a fast, easy project and they look so cute. Hardest part is getting the two year old not to wiggle her hand. Paint washed off easily from our hands.

    1. Awesome!! I am certain that the grandmas will love them. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!! And thank you for sharing. Cheers ~ Trish

    1. Hi Ana! I only added paint to one side of my mitts so they have not been in direct contact with a hot pan; however, I have washed and dried them without the paint melting in the dryer. 🙂 They have stood the test of time!

    1. Hi Angela! I used DecoArt paint. Just this week I washed my mitts again and even after all the washes over the past 2+ years they still look good. 🙂 I hope yours turn out lovely.

  2. Hi! The oven mitt is a great idea!! Is the fabric paint hard to wash off the “little hand”? Also, can the oven mitt be washed after the project is complete?

    1. Hi Roslen! Thanks for stopping by. I washed my little guy’s hand immediately after pressing his handprint onto the mitt and the paint came right off his hand. I have washed my handprint oven mitts 6-7 times since making them and the paint is still there and looks fantastic. 🙂 I hope that helps ~ have a great day!

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  4. Hi, I would like to know where did you get the mitten at? What type of marker did u use?

    1. Hi there! I used a fabric marker (the one I used is linked if you just click on the word however most craft stores carry them) and I was able to find the oven mitts at Target. I hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by ~ Trish

    2. Hey there, question! Do you wash the mits again after applying the handprints before gifting? How many washes before the ink fades?

    3. Hey Emma! I did not wash the mitts after painting. And as far as paint fading ~ I’ve been using mine since August 2015 and have washed them at least once a month. They still look great.

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